Herringbone Fabric Storage Boxes #creativescentsstorageboxes

I am determined to get my home office in order. It is ceiling to floor a major disaster! MAJOR people!! M-A-J-O-R!! There are papers, crafts, clothes and well a ton of junk too! I grabbed a ton of clear storage boxes and The Husband put up shelves for me. It’s getting better, (I’m lying. It’s actually looking worse!) When my office is done it will be my own perfect space!! I’m imaging a craft/office space that will bring a tear to your eye. I found these craft rooms on Pinterest. I would LOVE to say that’s how my room will look but truthfully? I’ll just be happy to see the floor!!

That’s a long way around to tell you about today’s review. I am really so excited about this beautiful Storage Box Set from Creative Scents.. This storage box set includes 3 pieces. The largest box is 6″ high by 16″ wide by 11″ ‘s a deep. This big box is perfect for storing holiday decorations, books or Christmas gifts!! (YES! I HAVE started shopping already!! I know I’m shocked too!) The medium box is 5.75″ high by 14.75″ wide by x 9.75″ deep. I’m keeping scrapbook embellishments in that box. The smallest of the three is 5″ high by 13.75″ wide and 8.5″ deep. This one is perfect for nail polishes.

I may change what I keep in the boxes. But, for now I’m organizing and sorting!

Seriously, these boxes with their herringbone sides and leather lids with white stitching are so BEAUTIFUL!! These are pretty enough to display in the livingroom or diningroom. They are WAY too pretty to hide away in a closet that’s for sure!

The boxes are extremely well made and heavy!! The quality and workmanship is amazing.  From the photos I expected these to be pretty, I didn’t expect them to be so amazing.  The boxes are luxurious but they also are strong and sturdy.

These boxes also come in other colors as well. White, light gray or brown. Truly something for every décor!


I really do love this Creative Scents Storage Box Set They are large, well made and STUNNING!!! The boxes did arrive with some scratches on the leather lids and a couple of dimples as well. (Check my photo of the 3 boxes that are stacked to see what I’m talking about) With some leather cleaner the scratches came right out, the dimples are only on one side so I just turned the lid around to face the wall. Problem solved. Very minor whine. Absolutely recommend these boxes. Now? Who wants to come help me organize my office??



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