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When you have Hypothyroidism you lose a lot of hair. A LOT! Seriously, it’s a wonder I’m not bald! My drains are always filled with hair. It’s embarrassing to have guests use my bathroom because the sink backs up so badly!

I’ve used Drano forever. I use a LOT of Drano!! I don’t think it is getting the entire line clean. So of course, I jumped at the chance to review Green Gobbler Drain Cleaner. I wanted to see how it would work for my bathroom sink and tub.

First, I used the GREEN GOBBLER “Hair Grabber” tool that came with the full half-gallon jug! I pulled out all the hair and gunk. No, I didn’t take a picture. I figured some of you read my blog with their breakfast and well, ewwwwwww!!! (You are very welcome!)

After I removed the gunk I poured 8 ounces or a cup full of Green Gobbler down the drain and added a small amount of HOT water from the tap. IF you have seriously backed up drains use boiling water. Add just enough hot water to activate the drain cleaner.  After I added a little hot water I could hear the drains gurgling. I waited about 20 minutes and came back turned on the water. The water moved faster than it had in weeks but not quite as fast as a completely clear drain. I did one more treatment and this time I waited for 30 minutes. When I came back the drain was completely clean!!  It’s been almost 2 weeks and my drain is still moving fast!!!


I do want to note that you need to open your bathroom windows because when the Green Gobbler goes to work it stinks. It smells like a sewer. I thought at first it was my sink and well BIGGER EWWWWW but after checking some other reviews on Amazon I found that it’s a complaint that others mentioned. WHEW!!!  Does the smell make me want to switch brands? NO!! I’ll open a window! I have no other complaints. I also have a fast-moving bathroom drain!!



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