EZY Pruners Ratchet Pruning Shears Review

For my friends back east who are covered in so much snow they can’t SEE bushes let alone trim them you might want to remember this review in say July when the last of your snow finally melts! Here in Southern California San Diego way we are having a heat wave! A SERIOUS heat wave! It’s February and we have had to turn on our air conditioner?! It’s insane!! Along with warm weather everything is growing like crazy too! We have bougainvillea bushes in front of our house, the stalks get very thick and can be really hard to prune back. We, and actually by we I mean DH, were thrilled to be able to review this set of Ratchet Pruning Shears from Ezy Pruners. These shears are 8 inch sharp anvil pruners and we are thrilled at how sharp these are straight out of the package.

Push down on the black bracket between the handles to unlock them.

These Pruning Shears fit in both my hand and DH’s hand. The handle is even wide enough that I can use two hands to get better leverage. These pruners also open quite wide so that we can prune thicker branches.

Made of SK5 high carbon steel and Teflon coated these pruners are a great addition to our gardening tools. The ratchet effect makes it easy to trim those thick branches.

These pruners are light weight so it’s easy to hold them until the whole yard is done.

Easier Cuts With Less Effort Makes Pruning A Breeze!

A great solution to allow gardeners to enjoy greater cuts with less effort, while getting more pruning done! The magnificent ratchet mechanism saves you time in the garden, while providing increased leverage with it’s 3-stage ratchet system for anything you cut up to an inch in diameter.

SK-5 HIGH CARBON STEEL BLADE – Stays sharper than your ordinary blade and lasts even longer! You’re getting the best quality steel available. No more worrying about a pruning shear blade that might become dull after just a few cuts, this will remain sharp for the long haul, meaning… nice clean cuts every time!
TEFLON COATING – Super smart addition to these pruners!! The coating helps prevent things like sap from sticking to your garden shear blades, whenever you cut through branches, prune roses and other plant stems. Also helps reduce the likelihood of rust forming.
WHO DOES THIS SUIT? – If you’ve found yourself to have less hand strength due to arthritis, or have experienced pains when using standard bypass pruners and want to finally get your hands on some hand pruners that will help to do most of the cutting for you, then you’ll love these! All you need to do is place your hands in the grip position and follow the easy to understand instructions, then you’re away!

MORE TO LOVE!!! If you don’t love these shears Ezy Pruners has a 100% TEST DRIVE IT GUARANTEE!! Use them in the garden for a full 30 days and if you don’t find that they’ve helped to make pruning much easier for you than your ordinary pruners, Ezy Pruners will give you a full refund!! No questions asked.

DH cleaned up rose bushes and the bougainvilleas up quickly with the graduated ratchet mechanism.

I’m even impressed with Ezy Pruners packaging. There are easy to follow instructions printed on the back.


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Not a single one! These pruners are easy to use, light weight and comfortable to hold. What more could I ask for?? Except maybe a full time gardener?!



  • md kennedy

    These look like great shears – I’d get a pair but I don’t have a garden anymore: my husband and I moved to a condo 5 years ago!


    I’ll definitely be checking these out on Amazon. While Mum still plays the piano/church organ everyday she does find it difficult to apply pressure when faced with a woody shrub that needs tackling. And recently Dad’s developed arthritis in his neck/shoulder from old rugby injuries so he’s of no help, not that he knows a buttercup from a tulip! We joke that at least they’ll never strangle each other!

  • Christine

    Both the pruning shears I have take a lot of pressure force to cut branches. I’m interested in upgrading to these EZY shears and testing out that high carbon steel blade.

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