The Middle Kingdom Ride Book & DVD Review

When I was offered The Middle Kingdom Ride Book and DVD set to review I had to think about it for about a second! It’s not the kind of book I would normally read or review. But, I am so glad I accepted, this book and DVD is so fascinating!  Written by two brothers that rode their BMW motorcycles through China, an 18,000-km loop around China. The book and DVD; is a memoir of this 65 day trip. Actually, calling it a trip doesn’t do this book justice; it’s an adventure! An adventure that helped them set a Guinness World Record!

Freelance photographer Ryan Pyle; Colin Pyle a currency trader in Toronto both put their jobs on hold and took a self-financed road trip through China. Beginning in Shanghai, which just happens to be Ryan’s new home. The brothers travel from the North Korean border, west to the Mongolian border and across the Xinjiang region, south through Tibet, then east through southern China back to Shanghai.

This DVD should be shown on the Discovery Channel and on National Geographic. This DVD takes you on a ride through the most remote areas of China with two very charismatic brothers.

While Ryan does most of the narrating; with interesting facts about China. When Colin gives his report for the day, it’s usually funny. Colin likes to give us the weirder aspects of their trip. “Can you imagine checking in to a hotel room and finding there’s shit in your toilet? And when you tell them, they say ‘Flush it’! Can you even fathom that?” This made me laugh so hard! We are spoiled here in the USA!

Between the very likable brothers and the fascinating scenery this is a book that you should share with all of your traveling friends!
China is somewhere I’ll never have the funds to see in person, so the DVD is by all means a treasure!! From the people to the scenery Colin and Ryan give us a real insight to the way of life. You’ll see the boys get a police escort through a leg of the journey; you’ll see  bike spills, thankfully no real major injuries!

Yes, I truly believe that you need to own both the book and the DVD. The DVD is one you can just sit and watch straight through. It’s so interesting and the land is so amazing!

You need the book so you can get more in-depth information about China, daily journals and more deep details to the ride. In the middle of this book has a total of 24 breath-taking color photo’s that are sure to please.

Don’t miss out on the The Middle Kingdom Ride DVD, from rolling fields, mountains, urban sprawl, and a lot of isolation too! The Lake Longmu is 5200m above sea level and it’s stunning, just out in the middle of nowhere.  The DVD contains two disks.

I think it would be amazing to have the opportunity to spend so much time with my sister. I’m not certain I could ride a bike for 65 days, I think I need a car and a hotel room without any surprises! Ryan and Colin truly got out of the Rat Race and spent some quality brother time together and we get to follow along.

We get to watch everything! Harsh deserts, sandstorms and fast rising floods. I found myself holding my breath several times! And more than a few times I yelled at the screen “does your MOTHER know what you boys are doing right now?!?”

Be sure to follow Ryan Pyle on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and YouTube especially YouTube! He has some very interesting and entertaining videos on there!


I don’t have any! I got to see China! Not a Hollywood version but the REAL China not just seeing the breathtaking country, ancient villages, but I learned interesting facts about China during the journey.




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