Why Switching to E-Cigarettes is in Your Best Interest

When it comes to traditional cigarettes, there are obviously a lot of drawbacks to them. First, they make your clothes and hair smell like smoke, all of the time. There is also the issue of your home stinking like smoke as well. It can be hard to have guests over when your home smell like stale cigarettes, not to mention the yellowing of your walls and ceiling from all of that smoke. Regular cigarettes can be pretty expensive, too! If you smoke about a pack a day, you’re spending way over $2,000 a year on cigarettes alone. Now what if there was a better way? Would you do it?
Electronic cigarettes, like Vapin Plus,  have been on the rise for quite a while now. Many people have switched from smoking traditional cigarettes and instead have jumped on over to e-cigarettes, or ‘e-cigs,’ as they are most commonly referred to. Let’s look at the various ways that the cigarettes electronic counterpart stacks up against the traditional smokes.

Obviously you are going to be saving a lot of money when it comes to smoking an electronic cigarette. You’re not going to have to purchase a pack each day, or a carton each week. You only have the one electronic cigarette, meaning you won’t have to go digging in your bag for the pack every time you want to have one. You can easily just keep the e-cig in your pocket and pull it out when you want to use it, and just slip it back in your pocket when you are finished with it! Sure, you’ll have to purchase the e-liquid for them, but you’ll soon realize that those are far cheaper, and you have to purchase them far less often than regular cigarettes. Think of all of the money that you are going to save!

Social Acceptance
E-cigarettes are quickly becoming widely accepted, and you can find people using them almost everywhere you go. Many restaurants, stores and offices allow their employees and customers to use them, making them much easier to smoke than a regular cigarette. Just think about the winter time! No more going outside and freezing in the super-cold weather just to have a cigarette. Now you can relax indoors and enjoy your cigarette, instead!

Typically when it comes to products like the Vapin Plus vape pens, there isn’t any secondhand smoke that lingers behind you, and there aren’t any nasty scents that are associated with them. Your guests will love coming over to your home for parties, and know that they aren’t going to smell like smoke when they leave. Plus, your vaping friends and family will love that you made the switch from regular cigarettes to vaping!

The era of the e-cigarette is on the rise, and there is no doubt that eventually, they will totally and completely replace regular cigarettes! This is just the beginning!


  • disposable e hookah

    As compared to traditional smoking, e- cigarettes are very less harmful. It’s scientifically proven that electronic vaping devices can be a reliable alternative to regular smoking. But don’t know why government has banned it. No nicotine, no tobacco, no tar and no smell, with the proper use of e – cigs anyone can overcome smoking addiction.

  • Khadijah

    My best friend “vapes” as we call it. He absolutely loves it and even encouraged his Mom to quit smoking by buying her two for her birthday. He has the rechargeable ones and maintainance is maybe $8 every 4-5 months on the one he has.

    It is a great alternative and some are also a great way to quit smoking because you can purchase flavors with less nicotine levels.
    I just wish the more accepted part was true in our area. There are signs everywhere no smoking and now they have added no e-cig smoking. It is highly disappointing to my friend and I as a person who wishes not to be around second hand smoke but have no problem with the e-cig. E-cigs also take away the third hand smoke that not many people talk about. This is the residue on clothes and in your house you smell. I feel comfortable with him holding my daughter and being around her because I know she is safe from third hand smoke.

    I definitely like this post as i can relate to the topic. Thank you for the share 🙂

  • Heather Swarthout

    My nephew tried the e-cigarettes and he loved them. Sadly you can get addicted to them, even though they’re a lot better than a real cigarette.

  • anita

    My dad has been a smoker for 20+ years and he refuses to try e-cigarettes, so i think that to convince long time smokers to change will be difficult.

  • Ronald G

    You are probably right about the era of the e-cigarettes coming soon…but I do not believe they will ever be accepted into polite company..just like the real cancer stick

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