Vaping and Smoking Compared: Which is Better for the Environment

There is an increased number of adult vapers in the world at the moment. Studies show that the number will rise to 55 million over the next two years. The preference is likely a result of the benefits that come with vaping. It is often advertised as a healthier alternative that also protects the environment as compared to smoking. But is this true? Is vaping better for the environment compared to smoking? The best way to explain this is to look at both in detail. Read on to learn more.


Vaping and Smoking Explained

Vaping is the action of inhaling vapor from an electronic device that burns a liquid juice using coil wires that are powered by a battery. The liquid juice is consumable, refillable, and comes in different flavors. However, the main concern as far as the environment is concerned is what it is made of. Standard e-juice contains food-grade ingredients such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, water, flavors, and nicotine.

On the other hand, cigarettes are rolled tobacco sticks that are burnt to produce smoke. People inhale the smoke into their lungs and then release it into the air.

Environmental Benefits of Vaping

  • No deforestation – Tobacco growth causes deforestation. This is a worrying trend for environmentalists. On the other hand, experts say that vaping does not require anything to be 0grown commercially for vape juice production. According to their explanation, e-juice is made of a variety of synthetic products and sources of flavors do not require forests to be cleared. Hence, vaping is friendlier to the environment as compared to smoking.
  •  Vaping produces less harmful chemicals – Truth be told, both vapor and smoke release harmful chemicals into the environment, but vapor has over a hundred time less harmful chemicals when compared to cigarette smoke. Therefore, it is pretty obvious that vaping is easier on the atmosphere although the experts are still worried. They are already putting pressure on the experts to see how they can reduce the current chemical levels in the e-juice.
  • Vaping has no cigarettes butts and ashes – If you visit a smoking zone, you will be surprised to see full ashtrays. This is a waste that affects the environment in one way or another, especially if the disposal process is poor. However, vape devices can be used over and over before they need to be disposed of. Manufacturers make them using biodegradable materials such as wood and recyclable synthetic or metal chassis. Ultimately, vaping devices and accessories are less of an environmental danger.

Environmentally-Friendly Vaping

When used inappropriately, vaping can be a big danger to the environment. The main concern is the disposal of batteries, coils, and wick, which are changed regularly. Fortunately, manufacturers have guidelines on how to dispose of these parts. The easiest method is to drop them off at various vape accessory shops for professional disposal.

Final Word

It is a no-brainer that vaping is a better option of saving Mother Nature, but it has to be done according to guidelines. With the above insights, many adults will be compelled to give it a try, which is an excellent decision.


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