HEDBANZ The Quick Question Game! For KIDS!!!

I love giving FAMILY games at Christmas. A good game is a great bonding time for kids and parents. Something that is FUN and imaginative is even better!  Let me tell you what! HEDBANZ is just that! FUN!! And challenging but not so hard that kids give up easily and don’t want to play anymore.

How Old To Play HEDBANZ?

The game is rated 7 and up; however 6-year-old is a whiz kid with this game.  It is so fun to watch the way her mind works. It’s also very funny to watch her want to ‘stretch her legs’ when she can’t guess the card… ummmm hummm little cheater was checking her reflection in the fish tank.  She’s so smart she doesn’t even guess the correct picture with the first guess. SNEAKY!!! Gotta watch this one closely; it’s also why we added the new rule you can’t get up until your turn is over or you automatically lose!

What Is It?

A Spin Mater Game Hedbanz is a quick question game of “What am I?” Players can only ask “yes” or “no” answer questions while trying to figure out if the cartoon on their head is an animal, food or man-made object.  This game can be played with 2 to 6 players.

What It Comes With

Hedbanz arrives with 6 plastic headbands that are fully adjustable to little heads and per Alice ‘ginormous’ heads like NaNa’s. (Watch it little cheater I haven’t bought your Christmas present yet!)

How Ya Playin’?

Place one of the six headbands around your head, in front is a small cut out that securely holds the card. Pick a card from the deck or if you are playing with more than two people deal out a card for everyone.  There is a sand-timer and 24 scoring chips. Included are 72 cartoon cards, but also 6 cards with suggestions of what to ask, I found this super helpful when teaching Alice the game. It’s also great for when the NaNa is stumped as well.

Rules? Yeah we got ’em

The rules say that everyone gets 3 scoring chips. If you guess correctly throw a chip in the pot. Can’t guess the card you take a chip. First player that gets rid of all the scoring chips wins.  NaNa has a teeny tiny, sneaky way to make the game go a little shorter in time. We play for a set time. 15 minutes, 30 minutes whatever. Guess correctly grab a chip when the kitchen timer goes off the winner has the most chips.

Hedbanz – the game where everybody knows but you!

Another Spinmaster game? Soggy Dog!


We are having such a great time with this game. I’ve found it’s a fantastic bribe for getting homework done faster! The game is easy to learn. Challenging to play without being so hard kids want to give up. And the questions? Sometimes this kid asks the most hysterical questions!!


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