Difrax Pacifier now in the USA!!

I’ve found a Pacifier That’s Designed To Accommodate Baby’s Growth and Development!! WHAAAA??? A pacifier that can do that?!?!  Difrax is one of Europe’s most trusted brands and it’s now in the USA!!  Difrax has a 3-stage pacifier system. It doesn’t matter the age or stage of development of your child. THIS is an indestructible pacifier!!

There are so many things I want to share with you about this pacifier system! Founded in 1967 by Dippy and Frank van Eijkelenborg groundbreaking research, development, and production of innovative baby products put them on the international map. These guys know what they are talking about!!

Difrax has tons of information for new mothers, or NaNa’s that have forgotten everything about babies! Including a free downloadable book to help break the pacifier habit. This is an award winning book that is filled with stories, games and activities to help your children give up the pacifier in a stress free manner!

It’s BEYOND Time

Alice is 23 months old, it’s time to give up the binky.  I am thrilled to be reviewing the 18+month Difrax pacifier. This pacifier is designed to encourage your child to ditch the pacifier!  While it looks like a regular pacifier it’s nipple is extra strong and completely solid. When your child is chewing on the pacifier it’s not as easy for your child to damage the nipple or bite a chunk off!

Alice with her Difrax PacifierNow it’s still a pacifier but since it’s solid Alice isn’t getting the same satisfaction from sucking. Which hopefully means we will be giving it up soon. I wish I would have known about this system when Alice first started using the binky! This is the only system we would have used!

If your child does bite into the solid nipple pacifier, give him or her a teether instead and eliminate the use of pacifiers completely.

The Science

The orthodontic pacifier stimulates the development of the palate and the muscles of the jaw and mouth.

Difrax pacifiers come in two distinct styles:  Classic and Orthodontic.  Each style has a 3-stage design to accommodate baby’s growth and development.
    • 0-6 months is the perfect first pacifier for a preemie or newborn, as the size of the nipple and shield has been scaled down to accommodate their smaller features.  This design also has the softest nipple texture. 
    • 6-18 months is larger in size yet still suited to the baby’s development.  The nipple is still soft, but a bit firmer than the newborn nipple.  Not only does the pacifier soothe, it also stimulates the development of the palate, tongue, and jaw muscles. 
    • 18 months + is unique in its design.  The nipple is solid, which makes it less satisfying and prepares the child to be weaned from pacifier use.  The solid construction makes it almost indestructible when it comes to biting.

Each pacifier style shares a butterfly shape proven to prevent the nose from being obstructed.  The added holes in the design allow airflow to reduce skin irritation.  The Classic design features a round shaped teat (sucking part) that is more suited to breastfeeding babies, as it has the likeness of a mother’s breast.  This style is completely interchangeable; there is no right or wrong way to use.  Whereas the Orthodontic style’s specific design has a rounded top side of the pacifier to rest against the baby’s palate while the baby’s tongue presses against the flat side.

I found Difrax at Babies R Us. Difrax website has a store locator to help you find this amazing pacifier system in your area. THIS is a baby shower gift that parents will LOVE!!

Disclosure I received complimentary products for the purpose of my review. No other compensation was provided. The opinions are mine and 100% honest. I have not been influenced in any way.



  • Lenora D

    I don’t know how I’d have done it without pacifiers. This made me smile thinking of how one would have a toy and the other would go and snatch it and shove a patty in his mouth.

  • Evelyn Chuter

    My youngest daughter is 26 too and her daughters never cared much for pacifiers. When they come over and are whiny I tell her “give them there pacifiers”, she reminds that they use them. But this would be a great shower gift. When my girls were babies they could not do without their pacifiers. Oh, maybe that was me! 🙂

  • chattykat59

    My three daughters are a long way past the “binky” stage. My youngest is twenty-six. lol Even when they were babies, they were not interested in pacifiers at all. I considered it lucky, as many people have a HARD time getting their little one to give it up.

  • Sue Hull

    I wish I had something like this 27 yrs ago when my daughter was a baby.One day I was putting her in the carseat and all of a sudden I see this pitbull running towards me,so I jumped in my car.While all the commotion I dropped her pacifier and the dog got it in his mouth and ran away with it.LOL!!! That was the end of her pacifier days.She never asked for another one.This pacifier will come in handy someday for me when I become a grandma.Thank you for sharing 🙂

    • Connie Gruning

      LOL!! That’s a funny AND scary story!! When my daughter was tiny she had a pacifer that squeaked, she accidentally hit it with her hand and it scared her so bad she did that all over body shudder and that was it….. never wanted a binky again!! LOL!!

  • slehan

    I’ve never heard of this. It’s why I like reading your reviews and learning new things. Thanks.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • Diane K.Brimmer

    I am going to forward this information on to my daughter. She is trying so hard to take little Morgan’s away and she is just so attached to it. She is about 19 1/2 months old. Thanks so much for the info.

    • Connie Gruning

      I’m still workin’ on Alice!! She’s 2. But, we just took her off the bottle so we don’t want to traumatize her and take away all her comfort items at once… but the binky has to GO!! Soon!! LOL!

  • ann

    Im a grandma so they interest me for my grand kids. I like the way they are designed with the wider bottom on them. Great idea for the 3 different stages of the baby. Thanks for the information on them

  • Robin Wilson

    Has absolutely nothing to do with the review…but Dippy and Frank van Eijkelenborg, I have no idea how to go about pronouncing! I have no need for a binky, but am in need of a baby shower gift. I think I found it! Thanks ~ whew!

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