Creative Toys Building Blocks 3D Puzzle!!

I have a FUN review for you today! As in 205 pieces of Creative Toys Building Blocks 3D Puzzle! This has to be one of the most unique and FUN building set that Alice and I have played with yet!

This is a 205 piece building set from China, in 8 bright fun colors. The set arrives in a blue and yellow drawstring bag with yellow string closure. Each distinct set of bars or pieces are packaged in individual Ziplock bags (we kept the colors separated for all of about a day, now they are all thrown in to the bag together!). The writing on the bag is all in Chinese and so are all of the directions. Thank heavens for photos!! The illustrations make it easy to build the different structures, but truly this set is all about using your imagination so directions aren’t necessary.

The day that the set arrived 4-year-old Alice and I spent the entire afternoon creating different things. Each piece has c shaped ends that easily grip the other pieces. They go together and stay together until you pull them apart.

This set is 100% fun and absolutely nothing frustrating or confusing. Alice (remember only 4!) even built a very detailed jungle gym! Talk about a creative imagination. I’m thrilled with the amount of time that this building set keeps her attention too! NaNa actually get’s a few minutes of QUIET TIME!!

Alice gave up playing PRINCESSES to build with the Creative Toys Building Blocks!! Trust me that’s saying a LOT! Alice built barrels, buildings and of course the playground. Then she made necklaces for her Princess dolls. Every single time I bring out this set Alice builds something new and unique.


Not a single one. The pieces are sturdy plastic, the bag keeps everything together when we aren’t building, the colors are bright and fun. Above all the Creative Toys Building Blocks 3D Puzzle truly keeps Alice’s attention, sparks her creative side and stimulates her mind. What more could I ask for?? I am thoroughly impressed with this building set.



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