The Hominize Designer Soft Baby Bib Review

The Hominize Designer Soft Baby Bib with crumb catcher is a wonderful addition to have when you have a wild, crazy, fun-loving, adventurous eater like my one-year-old on your hands!!! Whew!!! My little girl is one MESSY eater. She enjoys finger painting with ketchup or yogurt…instead of eating it, and why put food in your mouth when it’s more fun to throw it? So when she finally does decide something is good enough to taste, usually only a small portion of it actually makes it into her mouth while the rest decorates any outfit that she is wearing at the time.

While on a mini vacation, I decided to try out my new Hominize Soft Baby Bib with Crumb Catcher to see if it would possibly save an outfit or two from almost complete destruction. I am pleased to say it did!!! Well…for the 5 minutes my sweet munchkin decided to wear it at least! After that, it actually made a wonderful breakfast table toy! She happily played with it for at least another 5 whole minutes and I actually got to eat a warm meal!! I love the fact that this bib is SUPER SOFT and SUPER FLEXIBLE and ADORABLE!!! Plus, it is so easy to clean!!!! Just throw it in the sink and rinse it or wipe it with a damp cloth and it’s done! I LOVE EASY!!! As a mom of two little ones 3 and under, anything that is easy to clean and safe for my littles makes me a happy momma! The cool thing is the bib is made of food grade silicone with no BPA so I have nothing to worry about when she decides to chew on this adorable bib. Another huge plus is it is 100% money back guaranteed!!!! Sweet!!! If I wasn’t 100% satisfied I could return it with ease. BUT since I love it and obviously my little one did also, it’s a keeper!!! My one and only complaint is that occasionally the bib crumb catcher sticks…so food goes onto the floor. But, hey, she’s throwing food on the floor anyways, and it’s still not staining her clothes, so what’s the big deal?? I give it a two thumbs up!!!Deb

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