Silver Beaded Brown Wrap Bracelet #BrownShamballa

So, didn’t get what you wanted for Christmas? Might I suggest heading over to Novica? Seriously, my loyal followers often hear me going ga-ga over the beautiful pieces over at Novica. You should see my wish list!! HOLY MOLY it just goes on and on!! I check the site often because they are always adding new items. I m really excited that now I can even look on Amazon!!

I really can’t help it; I am thoroughly and completely infatuated with Novica; they make it their mission to GIVE BACK! I love that!! To date Novica has sent over $60 MILLION dollars back to artisans around the world. Novica gives artisans around the world fair prices, no binding contracts, and the freedom to make a success of their craft by building a sustainable business. What that means to me? It means I can feel good about purchasing products from Novica. HUGE bonus is the quality and workmanship is amazing. I have NEVER been disappointed in a single item I’ve purchased. E-V-E-R!!

Today’s review is one of my favorite things to review. JEWELRY!! Oh yeah! JEWELRY!! I love jewelry. I love mixing types of jewelry. Big chunky silver pieces with under stated pieces. I love wearing a big chunky watch alongside a bracelet and I found THE bracelet that works with my watch! This is the NOVICA Braided Wrap Bracelet with Sterling Silver Plated Brass Beads, ‘Karen Brown Chic’ absolutely beautiful bracelet.

The bracelet is 21¾” long, and has 9 individual strands, the bracelet wraps around my wrist 3 times. The braided waxed polyester cords are adorned with Sterling Silver Plated Brass Beads, and once the bracelet is on all the beads line up to make a very eye-catching piece. The bracelet closes with a button toggle style closure. The bracelet is very eye-catching AND absolutely beautiful.

More to LOVE about Novica is the fact that each piece that you purchase from Novica, jewelry, art, clothing absolutely everything, comes with information from the artist that created the piece you have purchased. I love that!! My bracelet was created by Napapat.

Thailand’s Napapat designs a trendy wrap bracelet in chocolate brown. She unites three strands into the loop and clasp, knotting them by hand into strands long enough to wrap around the wrist. Florid beads of sterling silver plated brass contrast with feminine elegance. They are crafted by Karen hill tribe artisans.

“It’s wonderful that I get the opportunity to share my love of creating jewelry with you. I wish that every one who wears my works will love them as much as I do, since I always put my heart and my soul into my little creations. I hope to have you as a part of our family in your hearts and in your minds. A very special thank you to all who purchase Novica products, I cannot tell you how much satisfaction it brings us here to be able to do what we love as a career. It’s your purchases that not only keep us working, but keep us motivated. Knowing that people everywhere enjoy something that I’ve designed and made is the best kind of praise I could have ever asked for. Thank you.”


Ummm hello, it’s jewelry!! I never ever whine about jewelry! Next, it’s from Novica, second it’s handmade and of course my Braided Wrap Bracelet is beautiful!!!



  • Sarah L

    I didn’t know that you can find Novica items on Amazon. I’m in trouble since I have some Amazon GCs…. I love the earrings they have.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Am I the only one who saw the name of the bracelet & immediately had that Three Dog Night song in my head? …the rain & Shamballa… Well, I love Novica. They have such amazing stuff. There are some carved figures, etc., that I currently covet, lol.

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