GJT®GT900 Slim Car Dash Cam

Check this out! This is the GJT®GT900 Slim Car Dash Cam. This dash cam comes with an HDMI cable that allowed playback on your TV. You can also play back the videos on your camera, computer or upload it via the USB cable or the mini flash card itself.  The GJT®GT900 is super easy to use.

Set up is easy as well. I added the date, time as easily as setting up any camera or other electronics. I didn’t even have to open the manual. For me that’s a major selling point. I’m a push the buttons till it works kinda girl. (Yes, insert a BIG wide grin here!)

This dash cam requires a micro mini flash card that is not included with the camera. I picked up a 32 GB one and it holds plenty of clear, bright video.  Check it out, here are a couple of days of my commute. Trust me this is not my normal commute!!! Did everyone in Southern California take from December 20th till December 31st off?!?! Where is everyone!?!? Also, sorry about the shadow of my Hula Girl. But, she is stuck but good on my dash!!

The camera has a 3.0 Inch LCD Display area. The video can record in seamless HD video 1080P / 720P. There is a 4 times digital zoom and 4 LED’s for night vision infrared light.  The picture format is JPG and AVI format for the camera. 4000 * 3000 photograph resolve and Camera 1920 * 1080,1080 * 720 parsing

You can also set this dash cam to record the sound that’s going on in the car. Great idea for teens that may be driving your car. I personally turn the mic off, I’m rather boring in the car, either listening to books on CD or belting out songs with the radio. Just because I shouldn’t sing doesn’t mean I don’t. Very loudly and very off-key. No one deserves to hear that!!

The camera plugs in with a very long car charger that plugs into your cigarette lighter or other outlet.

The camera has an extensive language menu: English, Russian, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish, Japanese, French

The camera attaches to the window with an extremely strong  suction cup. I attached it to my windshield over 2 weeks ago and it’s still holding strong. The camera moves to a different angle if I need too, but not so easily that the vibration of the car moves it on its own.
Package Contains:
1 x GJT GT-900 Car camera
1 x Car mount
1 x Car charger
1 x USB cable
1 x English user manual


I am very pleased with this GJT®GT900 Slim Car Dash Cam. It’s slim, sleek looking. It doesn’t interfere with my line of vision as I am driving.  Playback is very clear!! Not a single whine from me.



  • Joyce Baylor

    Please help me figure out how to set the date and time on this lovely contraption. everything else is pretty easy… I cannot find my manual… uggghhhhh

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