Bike Wall Mount Rack Review #bikewallmount

I know this will come as a shock to y’all but I’m a pack-rat (that sounds so much nicer than hoarder!!). Yup, I come from a long line of pack-rats from my Grandpa to my Dad. I’m pretty sure I’ve passed that gene down to at least 2 of my 3 kids!
Things have oozed out to the garage! One thing that I actually fixed is to get my bike off the floor and safely out of the way. HA! My beachcomber bike has given my car it’s last ding! I wish I would have had this heavy duty bike rack before the dings!
This wall mount bike rack is made of heavy duty steel with a soft rubber coating. The rubber coating protects my bike. The best part? This bike rack folds up against the wall when the bike is off the rack. That is such a fantastic perk!! I don’t have to worry about the hooks being a hazard to anyone walking by.

This rack will hold all different bikes!! It doesn’t matter if you have a mountain bike, road bike or a pretty turquoise beachcomber bike. Any bike up to 66 pounds!
This rack was easy to put up on the wall; the rack even comes with 2 sets of custom heavy duty mounting hardware for either hollow walls or wood studs. I’m thoroughly pleased!


Not a single one. Protected car…. protected bike……… and easy to install. No whines about this bike rack, not a single one!



  • Tamra Phelps

    These things really are great when you need to get more space in the garage! I like the fact that it folds in when the bike isn’t on it, too!

  • Kelly O

    Looks like a great bike rack. My husband apparently likes to trip over things, because I just suggested we get one and he did not seem interested. LOL, I will be sure to park a bike closer to his car, and it will be done tomorrow 😉 Thanks for the idea. I would love to have a tidy garage and this would help.

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