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The Family Memories Book! #leatherjournal

When my first child was born I wrote down every breath that child took! Seriously, her baby book is so full; crammed full of, well EVERYTHING!! Selena’s baby book is filled out cover to cover! First poop to first movie. First haircut to tooth. Tons of photographs! Her first piece of artwork to every ticket stub for every movie! Not to mention clothes, candles and well, this huge book fills a huge canvas tote.

Fast forward to the third kid…. yeah…. well Zachary’s book has a cartoon, his birth announcement and a recipe for Quiche. This book is nearly empty. BAD MOM!! BAD MOM!!

I finally realized I was not even doing a fair job updating 3 baby books so I stopped completely and started what we call The Family Book. It started at 1983. Every January 1st I start a new Family Book even to this day.

Over the years my definition of a Family Book has changed a LOT! But it has always sat in the middle of the table and updated at night during dinner. When the kids were little we went around the table and asked what was the best part of your day. Was there anything bad that happened? Anything you want to add to the book?

My absolute favorite story about the book that sums up what’s in this book is 6-year-old Zachary telling me “I have something, but you won’t put it in the book” to which I answered that this is YOUR book, of course I will. You can stand behind me and I will write it word for word!! With Zac standing behind me I wrote as he spoke. “Today I had to answer a question on the chalk board”  Zac was quite pleased that I was writing word for word! “And I did the longest, loudest fart I ever did in my whole life. It was GREAT!!”  Ohhhhhh Zachary, it’s like we’ve never met!! It’s one of my favorite Family Book stories. Still makes me roar with laughter!!

Over the years we have had tons of different cover, I use to let the kids pick out books so our covers have been funny, sunny and down right odd at times. With no kids in the house we can choose a more elegant book, one that can be used from now on! We only have to refill the cover!

Since it’s just The Husband and myself the smaller size is perfect! Just over 5″ tall by 4″ wide.  I love this size because it’s perfect to take with us when we travel. This classic style is made of real high-end leather. I love the scent of real leather and when you open this book to write inside you get that wonderful scent, every time. This journal is also soft, I was pleasantly surprised at how pliable and wonderfully soft this journal is. The color is also very nice, a beautiful red wine color. The journal closes with a long leather strap and buckle, extra long so that I can include souvenirs. I LOVE that!!

The 7Felicity Classic Genuine Leather Notebook arrives with 180 blank pages. 4 inserts in all. Including lined and unlined paper along with a pad of grid paper and kraft paper as well.  The paper feels so nice to write on, so smooth the ink glides on the paper.

If you wanted to use this notebook as a travel notebook the folks at 7Felicity make it easy by adding two card slots for your ID or even a hotel key card along with a zipper pouch which is perfect for an extra memory cards, postcards and stamps. There is also a very unique place keeper which has a brass compass on the end. LOVE the little compass. There is also extra cord included. This journal cover will truly last for ever!!


Not a single one. Small, portable, soft and will truly last for years!! This journal arrives beautifully packaged in Kraft paper, nestled in a Kraft box with jute. Lovely journal all the way around.



  • Kelly O

    Gosh you have so many great ideas. I love this. I tried to do all different books for the kids and it just got crazy, and I ended up not getting anything done. I fought with myself “should this be in Kid A’s book, or B’s? So it would not end up in anyone’s. I love the Family Book idea. I will be doing this.

  • Tamra Phelps

    Lol, I have a 6 year old nephew, & a long, loud fart would be a proud accomplishment for him, too! Seriously, I love the scent of leather, too. This cover would be really nice!


    I don’t think Mum kept a memory book but Dad had got himself a new camera back in 1959 so there are tons of photos & slides (remember them!) of me as a baby but precious few of Helen (1961) – I guess the novelty had worn off by the time she came along! She always maintains that it was because she was adopted (she wasn’t)!

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