My Dream for You is Happiness!!

One of the things that my daughters have instilled in my grandbabies is the love of reading! All three of my grandkids love to read and be read too. Alice will stop whatever she is doing to hear a story! Yes, that does include playing dress up and even playing Princesses!! My Dream for You is Happiness from Hamer House Books is a beautifully written and wonderfully illustrated story that celebrates the joy and wonder of childhood. The message in this book is one that myself as an adult should take to heart!!

From the opening poem written by John Lennon to the last page this book is WONDERFUL!! A message that everyone should remember “Take A Deep Breath And Be Happy!”

Written by Carole Ann Hausman and illustrated by Joanne Raptis, My Dream for You is Happiness is the first book in the My Dream for You series. I am thrilled that this is a series! The messages are so beautiful!!

Available on September 22, 2015

My Dream for You is Happiness has 34 pages in a hardcover book. The book is 11¼” tall and 8¾” wide. The pages are glossy and thick.

My Dream For You is Happiness

The “My Dream For You” series of books is designed to capture that covenant between child and parent, exploring the possibilities from both perspectives.  The books are not “once upon a time” stories from a child’s viewpoint, but a journey for the parent and child together in contentment, joy and wonder.

These books were created to instill a sense of peace and gratitude for the parent and child in those magical moments at bedtime, planting soothing seeds of serenity for a good night’s sleep, and reminding that special child each night how much they are loved.

About the Author

Happiness2Carole Ann grew up on a farm in the rolling hills of Nashville where she developed a respect and appreciation for nature. She now lives with her husband and two cats in South Florida where she enjoys writing outdoors in the fresh tropical air. She delights in gardening, travel, live music and cake.

About the IllustratorHappiness1

Joanne Raptis was born in New York City but considers the peaceful mountains of Pennsylvania her second home. A self-taught artist, she drew inspiration from her childhood cartoon heroes and from nature. She is now a student at Barnard College studying psychology and spends any free time drawing, dancing, crafting, and being outdoors.


Not a single one! My Dream For You is a sweet book with a beautiful message!! The font is large and the words are ones that Alice can read to ME soon!  Absolutely wonderful book.



  • Rosie

    this sounds like a really nice book. I’ve always loved reading from a young age, and have never strayed. A little bit it is the individual person, too, if once introduced they want to read quite a bit, but it is definitely worth nurturing as much as is a positive experience!


    I think it’s so important (oops, almost typed impotent!) to ‘grab them while their young’ when it comes to reading & having an appreciation for the written word. I mean, reality, as we adults know, often sucks, but give me a book & I can be whisked away from all my troubles!

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