Custom Made Slippers From Wool Walker! They Are Heavenly!!


I have the best idea for Mother’s Day! Trust me; I’m a Mom, so I know these things! Slippers! Now before you roll your eyes at me and dismiss my suggestion let me show you these CUSTOM MADE Felt Slippers!! Custom made in Mom’s favorite color!! Ahhh now your interested aren’t you!? Continue on my friend because you may just want to hint around for a pair for yourself!! I’ve got a 15% off coupon code at the end of this post!!

First, these are the warmest slippers EVER!!  E-V-E-R!! We have ceramic tile throughout our house; it doesn’t matter if it’s winter or summer these floors are cold.  Wool Walker slippers are warm but they don’t make my feet hot; my feet are comfortable all of the time!! I love that about these slippers.


  • The felt wool impact is similar to acupuncture as it stimulates blood circulation, improves the well-being of your skin and positively stimulate the neural system work.
  • Your cold feet will be warm on a cold day and cool on a hot one due to insulation properties of the wool fibers.
  • Felted Wool Shoes keeps your foot warm and dry.
  • Exceptional breath ability round all day. Year round comfort.
  • Felted wool shoes protects from the cold in winter and from the summer heat.

My Wool Walker slippers are a fun orange color with pink soles. Absolutely perfect for me!! These slippers were handmade to order for ME!! For me alone!! The pink soles are a non slip rubber sole which means I can take the dog out, I can go grab the mail all while my feet are still comfy in my Wool Walkers. And okay I admit it; I’ve run to the grocery store in my Wool Walkers. They are so comfortable, I promise you won’t want to take them off either!

I am blown away at the craftsmanship of my Wool Walkers!! I get a thrill from knowing that my slippers were hand-made in Vilnius. I had to look it up. Vilnius is the capital of Lithuania, and its largest city, with a population of 539,939 as of 2014. Vilnius is located in the southeast part of Lithuania and is the second biggest city of the Baltic states.  How cool is that!? My slippers are world travelers!!

My slippers were made by HAND!! My pair of slippers took between 6 and 10 HOURS to make using a the wet felting technique. That’s not including the drying time and the time to add the rubber sole!! WOW!!

Here are a few more facts that I found really interesting:

  • Felted wool slippers are made using hot water and ecological soap – one of the most sustainable processes in textile.
  • 100% Handmade from colorful Natural Australian Merino Wool and un-dyed Eco friendly Lithuanian Wool.
  • No mass production. No mass manufacturing.
  • No any synthetic fiber.
  • Handmade with Love and with Positive Minds.

Caring for my Wool Walker felt slippers is so EASY!!!  Since they are handmade from natural 100% lambs wool/sheep wool, Wool Walkers do not need washing at all. These slippers actually CLEAN themselves!!  All I need to do is let them air out in a cool room or outside in the fresh air. That’s IT!! If the felt get’s really dirty brush them off with a warm soapy sponge and a wool detergent. DO NOT put the entire slipper in water! Lay them flat to dry. Now; with all that said; I’ve worn my Wool Walkers everyday for the last 2 weeks and my slippers look as good as the day they arrived. It’s like dirt doesn’t stick to them!! They do not smell AND I am thrilled to report these slippers are not scratchy or itchy in any way. Sheer comfort all the way around.


Are you kidding!? These are first the perfect color! Second the most comfortable slippers EVER! They are warm but not hot. My feet are even extremely comfortable in 80º weather. What could I possibly whine about?! I couldn’t be happier if I tried!! I am thoroughly and completely in love with this slippers. I LOVE THESE SLIPPERS!!!!!

“My idea was for a modern interpretation of felt slipper shoes that have roots in European folklore. Traditional in material, with contemporary design.”  says Wool Walker Founder Product Developer, Dovile Sirmulyte.

These slippers are very true to size. Wear them with bare feet to get the best benefit. There is a huge variety of colors to choose from. Wool Walkers are available in sizes for men, woman, and kids. .

I would love to know what color and style you would pick.



  • Brandi Dawn

    These would be great for our snowy spring and lounging around the house! Wool works well with the cool air and it feels so comfy.

  • polly

    I would love these for the winter. Our entire downstairs is tile and it gets pretty cold to walk barefoot.

  • maureen

    As someone who knits I can see how wonderful and warm these slippers are. They would be a great treat to come home to at the end of the day.

  • Christine A.

    I love the Maroon Marsala color. These slippers look very comfortable and would be great for chilly days. It’s also nice to know these slippers only need to be aired out.

  • Sarah L

    I like that you can wear them year round and they keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Too bad I don’t have the extra $$. (how about a giveaway for them?)

  • Sandy Cain

    I have to look into these for my mom. She has trouble with her feet, and all the slippers we get for her, “are no good”, and end up in the closet. Meanwhile she shuffles around in torn, ragged slippers with holes in them. Ma, if I get these, WILL YOU WEAR THEM???

  • Stacy

    They look so comfortable and it is awesome that they are custom made. I wish I was not allergic to wool so that I could get myself a pair! I also have ceramic tile through my house and I wear slippers or socks year-round.

  • Angelica

    These look so comfortable! I can’t believe they don’t need washing and I LOVE that the’re handmade. My feet always overheat in slippers too so these would be great for that too!

  • Lea

    I like how my feet would be warm on a cool day an cool on a hot one with these slippers. Simply amazing. Very interested after a review like that!

  • Carol S.

    How interesting that the Wool Walkers do not need washing at all and they actually clean themselves! They look like they are so comfortable, and from the looks of their flexibility I bet it is almost like being barefoot. Pretty nifty that you can mix and match your own colors. Thanks for sharing.


    I love the orange slippers. I remember you reviewing these before & being so jealous of you! A friend of mine has been to Vilnius & it is a beautiful old city apparently. Of course it must seem like worlds away from the States but to us. it’s just another part of Europe!

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