Day 22 Photo-A-Day Mason Jar

Finally, a SUPER easy photo! One I am excited (pfffttttt like I haven’t been excited all month!??!) to share with you.

My March Photo-A-Day challenge is a compilation of about 6 different challenges. What makes this months unique is that it’s all pictures from the inside of my faBULOUS craft-room!! It’s an AMAZING space that’s all mine!!

It’s also total chaos, it’s hoarder haven and it’s decorated like the inside of my mind.  I think it was Tamra that asked to be inside my head for 5 minutes…… wellllllllllllllll…….. this room is pretty much EXACTLY like that!!  Projects everywhere. Knick knacks enough to drive a person insane.

Seriously!  Even this post has gone off it’s rails. So back on track; Mason Jar. My Grandma collected buttons. LIKE A SERIOUS obsession! Before she donated clothes buttons came off. The woman had a button that would match EVERY outfit you could buy. Some of them are so pretty and some are plain. They were in a round, rusted ribbon candy tin forever. (Yes, I do still have the rusted ribbon candy tin. Hoarder people!! It’s a sickness!!)

So, I keep my pretty buttons on the counter top. They make me smile and think of my Grandma Jones.

Just a little recap: For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my HUGE craft-room. Including some of my attempts at crafting!  I have to say it is helping me become more motivated to blog and craft!

Still didn’t catch on, yup still askin’. THANK YOU Sarah for reading all the way to the end. You’re the BEST!!! If you would like to share a Mason Jar picture of your own email me your picture I’ll post them on PBnWhine! [email protected] In the subject write Mason Jar or BUTTONS!!.  



  • Kate Sarsfield

    We’ve always had a button jar as well, dating back to great-grandmother on Mum’s side. It’s perfect for times when I buy something from a charity shop & want to make it a wee bit different, especially with a set of mother-of-pearl buttons that I use & re-use! Other times I have been known to buy a charity shop item purely for its’ buttons!

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