May 20th Photo-A-Day T

I am kinda excited about this particular prompt because this old gal climbed up into the tree house!  Yes, I DID!!!

I will totally cop to the fact that I was shaking, white knuckling the climb. I kept hearing the contractors warnings about the deck. Same people that built the deck built the tree house……. hummmmmm should this chunky 60 year-old gal reallllllllllly be going up here??  With only the DOG as back up?!?!?

Yeah, well I promised that voice in my head a full glass of wine if she just quieted down so I could take a bunch of pictures.

At ONE time there were even glass windows in this tree house (yes, another to-do has been added to my list. Go clean up the glass surrounding the tree house)

There are curtains, carpet and a small table inside. The curtains are old and tattered and give the tree house a scary look and feel inside (Or coulda still been the contractors voice…. who knows for sure) My sister thinks it would be a great place for a Ouija Board and a scary movie marathon.

There is even a three quarter wrap around porch!! Seriously, this had to be one bad ass tree house when it was first built.

The only way in is to climb straight up the rickety stairs through the trap door!

As a kid this had to of been the greatest thing ever!!! It’s tucked in the trees. You can’t see if from the house. You can’t see the house from the tree house either.

The tree house is painted the same color as our house is. Built between two trees.

A minus is that they just dumped all the paint cans, trash, carpet pieces, food and drink wrappers all around the area. Like they built the tree house and then just left. SO weird!!

ANYWAY…….. here it is………. T for Tree House!!

So, here are a few shots inside and the surrounding areas of the tree house. BTW, opening that trap door is no easy feat for a woman with no upper body strength! Not only do I have to hold on for dear life but I also have to push open the door.

And of course Bear looking up wondering what the heck is MaMa doing NOW?!?!



  • Crystal K

    Wow that was once an amazing treehouse but it definitely needs some TLC. It still looks cool up in those trees! And good on you for climbing up there and checking it out!!

    • Connie Gruning

      Crystal, my kids would have been in that thing everyday when they were growing up. I really wish I had young kids up here to enjoy it.
      I have decided I might climb up again and put my trail cam up there and see what wanders by. Except that means climbing up every time I want to change out the stick……… hummmmm am I that brave???

  • Rosie

    That is cool. I’ve seen some articles where people make these look pretty snazzy and then get a fortune for them on Airbnb, esp if they have a view. I’d try to make sure Bear doesn’t try to climb those steps, I had a dog once, and we were at a location where sailboats had been hauled out of the water, and tied the dog up at the bottom of the stairs, to go inside a sailboat. The dog tried to climb and fell, and broke her leg. I had no idea she’d try to climb the rickety stairs. Of course, her name was Reckless…

    • Connie Gruning

      Rosie, I could rent the tree house on an AirBnB as a scary place to visit. I could make it look very scary.
      Nooooooo having Bear climb up in the tree house. It’s a straight up climb I doubt she could anyway. But, just in case I will tie her up further away next trip up. Poor Reckless. Great name though!

    • Connie Gruning

      Tamra, I would love it if Alice would claim the tree house, last summer she was too scared. We did go up, but she wanted right back down. Maybe next summer. This summer I’m heading to California for our Alice/Non vacation time.

  • Michele Soyer

    Wow whomever built this had a great idea from that trap door to the carpeting..wonder if a child enjoyed it and had many adventures there… Be careful Connie….

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