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Multi Purpose Edge and Corner Guard Review

Y’all know that 3-year-old Alice is a Princess on steroids! That girl LOVES her Princesses! But, for all her frills, lace and tea parties; she has a tom-boy side that scares the begeebers outta me! I swear; I turn around for a second and she is climbing on SOMETHING! Or jumping off of something! The girl has more scratches and bruises than any respectable Princess would never EVER have! Needless to say I was thrilled to be able to review the Premium Edge and Corner Guard from Bow-Tiger. This stuff is truly PREMIUM!!

ANYONE with small children or aging parents that you worry about falling, this product is for you! This is a THICK,  DENSE and extremely soft cushion you attach to your furniture to absorb impact and protect your loved one from the hard sharp corners and dangerous edges.

This is made from NON TOXIC, ECO-FRIENDLY, CHILD SAFE rubber, which makes it ideal for baby proofing your home, daycare centers, nursing homes, preschools, schools, hospitals, offices, senior facilities, basically anywhere you are concerned with falling people!

Bow-Tiger comes in one very long roll of foam along with 8 corner pieces. The guard will cover 17 feet!!! That’s 15 feet of edge cushion plus the additional 8 corner cushions.

Installation is super easy and FAST!! EVEN with the help of said 3-year-old Princess. My biggest concern was the TV stand. It’s next to the sliding glass door where we come RUNNING into the house, it’s also at just at the right angle for jumping off a certain chair in the livingroom. I was able to cover the TV stand and Alice’s toy box as well AND I still have enough left over to Alice proof another piece of furniture.

To install; I measured the foam, cut it with regular kitchen scissors. (BTW, it cuts straight and super easy too!) A large roll and additional squares of 3M tape comes included with your protective guard.  I experimented with two different ways to attach the 3M double sided sticky tape; to the foam guard itself and to the furniture. For me, I found that applying directly to the furniture was easier and quicker. Next press the guard into place and you’re done! I am giddy over how durable this is!! Alice doesn’t pick at it, it’s attached firmly!! I also did a quick test on the back area about a week after I installed the guard and I was able to remove the foam with NO damage to the furniture!! Tape and all came off with no residue left behind.

Our previous ‘guard’ was the Princess Doll house. Now, we have Bow-Tiger! BTW, Alice thought that ‘her’ tiger looked like the tiger on the Bow-Tiger package and requested (loudly!) that NaNa add that picture to her review. (Did I mention she’s a bossy thing too??)

On the large Toy Box I tried using the cushion without the corner piece and it even works perfectly like that!! Although I do like the finished look of the corner pieces the best so I did go back and add them.

This guard will fit all standard size tables: round table up to 56″ diameter, square table up to 47″, square and rectangle table up to 36″ x 60″; Ideal on coffee tables, dinner tables, office desks, kitchen countertops, TV cabinets, chests, shelves, stairs, fireplaces, hearths, walls, fish tanks and more.

Available in 4 Stylish Colors:
★ Coffee
★ Beige
★ Black
★ Light Brown


Not a single one!! Not only do I have enough cushions for 3 projects; 3 feet longer than other top brands! But Bow-Tiger includes the authentic 3M adhesive double-sided tape. A full 45 feet of tape for the edge cushion and 32 tape pieces of tape for the 8 corner cushions; That’s an EXTRA 15 feet more than you need, so you won’t run out during installation!

Installation was easy! But, more importantly; Alice is protected! That’s my main concern and Bow-Tiger exceeded all my expectations! I couldn’t be more pleased.

More to love is the fact that Bow-Tiger offers 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – your child will be safe with Bow-Tiger™ edge guard and corners protector, but if YOU are not satisfied for *any reason*, JUST SEND IT BACK for a full refund. (Or Replace It, If There Is A Problem).




    Brilliant idea & not just for toddlers either. I’ve had to start protecting corners of coffee tables etc. as Dad’s skin is really thin due to his diabetes & once cut he bleeds a lot due to the Warfarin he has to take every day. Never mind the fact that he was getting fed up going round with his shins covered in sticky plasters (he wears shorts all year round!), I was fed up cleaning up the blood trails!

  • Tamra Phelps

    This stuff looks pretty good. Even though my youngest nephew is 5, he still jumps around the furniture like a little monkey! I’m always yelling ‘be careful! you’re going to fall!’

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