ReLeaf Leaf Scoops; Oversize Leaf Scoops Review

No the Incredible Hulk didn’t miss place his gloves; these are the Oversize Leaf Scoops called ReLeaf Leaf Scoops. THE coolest gadget yet for the yard!! Now, being the ever helpful wife that I am; I asked to review these little BIG leaf scoops just for DH!! (I KNOW! I am a KEEPER!!)
The ReLeaf Leaf Scoops truly remind me of the Incredible Hulk toy hands that my son use to have. The difference is these are large scoops that look exactly like shovels. These make picking up the yard waste so EASY!! I mean SUPER easy!! What use to take several trips to the trash can now takes less than half!!

Rake a pile of leaves or lawn debris. scoop your claws together. Done! What would have been several trips to the trash can was accomplished in 2.

BONUS! If you have ever trimmed a Bougainvillea you know what a painful task cleaning the clippings up is. Bougainvillea bushes are stunning in the summer, so full of color!! But, MAN oh MAN do those puppies have some major thorns!   (Check out DH’s arms after trimming the bushes!) With the ReLeaf Leaf Scoops the thorns are NOT a problem!! AND you can use these hard plastic claws to push the clippings down into the trash can.

These oversize claws are completely closed so no muss or fuss going from the pile of lawn waste to the trash can, nothing falls back out. These are perfect for spreading mulch and feeding leaf shredders too! These handy claws will work for wet or dry lawn clippings! The added bonus of a barrier to keep those nasty thorns away from your hands is a GREAT BONUS!!  These are truly a brilliant design!! I can’t say it enough! These are a must have for anyone with a yard!

Added bonus the ReLeaf Leaf Scoopsfit together nicely for easy storage. The claws are 15″ by 15″ by 3½”.  These fit all hand sizes. DH has large hands and even with gloves on the ReLeaf’s fit nicely.


The Lifetime Guarantee!!  Yup, ReLeaf offers a hassle free “Return & Replace” policy for life!!

Follow ReLeaf Leaf Scoops on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter . Especially Facebook; you never know when they will post a coupon! Trust me! Every gardener needs a set of these!!


Not a single one!! Yard work finished faster and with less bending?!! What could we whine about?!?! Okay, fine I also can’t whine because all I did was take photos! I know… I’m spoiled.


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  • Christine A.

    I’d prefer these leaf scoops to a rake and a stand up dust pan. Bougainvillea bushes are beautiful but I have been scratched by thorns a few times.

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