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OXA Vintage Durable Lightweight Canvas BackPack Review

I love purses. I love the craftsmanship and how they become an accessory to the perfect outfit but purses are inconvenient and impractical for me. Wristlets get in the way, clutches require constant vigilance and take up one free hand, shoulder bags always wait until both hands are full to slide off, usually as I’m walking across a street carrying coffee and as cute as it is to hang a purse from the crook of an elbow I am just too lazy for that. I’d look like I was trying to hard and it would be a fair assessment.

BagI like 2 kinds of bags, messengers and backpacks and my two favorites at the moment are the OXA backpack and the MulFee messenger available through Amazon.

At work carrying a purse is unrealistic. A backpack can hold my lunch, my gear and personal effects and secures to my person so I can use both hands to hold coffee and open a myriad of high security doors. As the mother of a 4 year old I need the versatility of being able to hold all of my swag and easily remove a few things to carry hers. An added bonus is that a backpack is less embarrassing for my husband to carry, he’s only too happy to carry a vintage backpack when my hands are full with the rugrat.

The OXA Vintage Durable Lightweight Canvas BackPack is masculine and rugged which I love. Its canvas which means its washable if something spills or splashes on it. Its durable and roomy which is a huge plus, because it can easily hold my binders for school between 2 panels. The main compartment has a small pocket for lady essentials along the back panel so I don’t have to use valuable space from the front pocket for storing tampons and chapstick, just forward of that is another panel and a set of pockets for storing pens and small notepads. The base is wide and squared so that the bag doesn’t tip over.

The zipper pulls are leather and attached to sturdy metal hooks, which seems of little consequence but if you use a bag regularly you know how frustrating it can be when one pops off. There are cylinder pockets on each side perfect for holding a water bottle. I use one for my sunglass case and one for water. The shoulder straps are padded and comfortable, the bag itself is very light.

I highly recommend this bag. I love it!

My other favorite bag to carry is my MulFee messenger bag. It has the same vintage simplicity. There is one large 12″ interior pocket, two shallow panel pockets inside along the front panel perfect for my wallet or cell phone and a zipper pouch for essentials. There is also a sizable zipper pocket along the back exterior. The MulFee Messenger is lightweight, has adjustable straps and leather pulls. It nicely fits all of my day to day essentials (wallet, 2 cell phones, a book and snack for the kid). I like the cross body comfort of the strap, it doesn’t dig into my neck because its wide and cloth and grips easily to my shoulder.

If you are in search of a durable, rugged no frills bag to carry around this is your bag!!

Both products are worth your money!

Price_154This review was written by my daughter Selena; a regular contributor here on Peanut Butter and Whine. To learn more about Selena here.



  • Tamra Phelps

    Yeah, I can’t do that Taylor Swift purse in the crook of the arm carry either, lol. My arm starts to hurt! (Hey, my purse has a lot of junk in it!) Backpacks work great, I think! This one looks really attractive, too.

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