LED Knitted Flashlight Beanie Cap #LEDCap

Y’all know we love to go camping.  We go through a lot of headlamps. Everyone in the camping party has to have a headlamp, of course a couple of extras in case one of them goes kaput.  However, I’ve never had one that is this comfortable before!! This LED Knitted Flashlight Beanie Cap has 5 SUPER bright built in LED’s with 12000 MCD combined. Let’s put it this way. THIS cap puts out an amazingly BRIGHT light. Seriously bright for up to 30 feet away.

I babysat or I should say DOGsat last night for my daughter and this cap was absolutely perfect for walking the dog at night!! We are talking about walking a black dog in the middle of the night and had no problem finding the dog! Not to mention my head was WARM!!

The cap comes with 2 CR2032 batteries already installed. My cap is a medium and is on the smaller side so it’s perfect for women, teens and kids. If you have a larger head I would go up a size.

I love that this cap was ready to use straight out of the package. One set of batteries would allow you to have this cap on for 24 hours of continuous light; which is awesome.

This cap is washable, I would wash it by hand and lay flat to dry; just be sure to remove the lights and battery pack.


Nope none!! I love, LOVE this cap!!! It absolutely points where you are looking with a nice bright light! This cap is perfect for joggers, bikers, hikers and dogsitting NaNa’s.



  • Tamra Phelps

    It is a pretty neat idea. And no having to put the flashlight in your mouth if your hands are full, lol. I do like that the light is not some huge round thing weighing your head down, too.


    It’s a ‘brilliant’ idea! Brilliant? Geddit? Anywho, this is the sort of thing I would use. Living in the country with no streetlights a flashlight of some sort is always in my pocket even just walking to the village shop/pub/post office or putting the bins out or yes, trying to find a black cat by the light of the moon!

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