The Campers Dream!! GoNature Microfiber Towel

This years BIG camping trip is coming up soon; when you camp with a large group and kids that are growing like weeds it’s hard not to pack the entire house!! After years of practice we are getting smarter about what we pack……. sorta. HOWEVER! Towels have always been a bulky item that are a necessity for that one shower (yes, smelly bunch that we are!) that we hike to town for! I am so excited about this review! This is a Microfiber Microfiber Travel Towel from GoNature. First, it’s extremely light weight. Weighting in at less than 7 ounces!! Now don’t let the fact that this very thin, densely woven fabric towel is so light weight because it absorbs like a dream!! Not only can I use this towel to dry my body, then still have it dry enough to wrap around my hair; but also dry enough to dry the kids!! WITH ONE TOWEL!! Within minutes of each other!!
The towel is large! As in 50″ by 30″ of the softest suede fabric (made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide)!! This towel really is super soft and gentle enough to dry a baby with!! The difference in a regular towel from home and this GoNature Microfiber towel is truly how fast this towel absorbs water; except it absorbs the water and then it’s automatically dry! WHERE does the WATER GO!?!

I love the fact that GoNature added a small cloth loop on one corner it allows the towel to dry extremely fast. The loop is pretty awesome because it snaps! So we can hang it on a tree branch or the side of the tent. However, this towel dries so quickly that you can fold it up and put it back into the cute little carrying case. The case is a small 5″ by 8″ nylon bag with netting on the corner, a handle and a coordinating colored zipper to the color of your towel. Added bonus for the carrying case is the fact that it’s lined with a water-proof lining. Like the best survival knife for camping, these guys thought of everything!! Perfect if you are throwing this in your suitcase right after your shower or heading home after a Yoga class. Added bonus! This towel has been ANTIBACTERIAL TREATED: Antibacterial treatment makes the towel germ-free and odorless for lifetime. No more wet towel odors and bad smells.


Not a single one. This Microfiber Travel Towel is a very pretty purple color, it’s soft! But more importantly you get dry quickly and can pack this towel up and go immediately. I LOVE that it folds up so small!! The towel washes like a dream. This is a great Microfiber Towel.



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