Day 21 Photo-A-Day BUBBLES!?

Today’s photo prompt is bubbles. BUBBLES?!  My other choices were negative space? Up close? My MOOD?? Yeah. Bubbles it is!

Today I’m actually showing you a CRAFT instead of just my beautiful craft space!

I am obsessed with cup pours (dirty pour, acrylic pours) artwork. Ever heard of it? I sure hadn’t. One day a new video popped up on YouTube and I was mesmerized. I just kept watching these videos. Finally, I decided ya know I packed all these craft paints. I have a ton of blank canvases; let’s do this thing!! First, it’s not as easy as they look! I mean it is and it isn’t.  The ratio is VERY important. The colors? Equally as important. My first three canvases looked like crap. (SURE! Start with a big canvas when you have no idea what you’re doing!)  So, I let them dry for a week and did a pour over the tops. HA! Recycling at it’s best!

So for the BUBBLES prompt I did my own cup pour that came out pretty darn good for a beginner! Technically, these are cells and not bubbles but ya know… my challenge my interpretation. HA! I win!

Now, while I am proud that I finally achieved a look I like; Julie over at Pouring Your Heart Out is who I aspire to be!! She is AMAZINGLY talented!! If you want to learn check her YouTube channel. HONEST it’s mesmerizing!

So, this is day 21 of my very own personal Photo-A-Day challenge. Just a little recap: For the month of March I am posting pictures from inside my HUGE craft-room. Including some of my attempts at crafting!  I have to say it is helping me become more motivated to blog and craft!

I love to know what colors you guys think I should mix next. Anyone have any ideas??

Still didn’t catch on, yup still askin’. MAYBE NO ONE except The Husband even reads PBnWhine anymore. Ahhhhh I’m okay with that… this blog is therapeutic for me.  HOWEVER, if you would like to share BUBBLES email me your picture I’ll post them on PBnWhine! Co****@pe******************.com In the subject write BUBBLES.  


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