Day 23 Photo-A-Day From My Front Door

This is a personal Photo-A-Day challenge which is a compilation of about 6 different challenges I grabbed from Pinterest. What makes this months unique is that it’s all pictures from the inside of my faBULOUS craft-room!! It’s an AMAZING space that’s all mine!! AND it’s HUGE!!!!!! It’s also total chaos, it’s hoarder haven and it’s decorated like the inside of my mind. Projects everywhere. Knick knacks enough to drive a sane person nuts.

I picked the prompt From My Front Door. After I sat down to add the pictures I thought about it a minute. This isn’t technically the front door. I mean, you walk down the stairs to get to my room. I do have 2 double glass doors that go outside. Not a backyard really but an area that the deer and turkeys hang out and the view is well, ya know SPECTACULAR!!  I went outside, disturbed the deer, made a turkey fly (YES!! They FLY!!! It’s LOUD as all get out and so weird to watch. But FLY they do!! I had no idea! They are so big! How is that even possible??)

Notice in one picture I went inside and closed the laundry room door, picked up a few things then ran back and snapped a second picture??   MAN my space cleans up nice!!

When you pull up to our house you see the garage doors. So it that the back of the house? Do I have the front of the house outside my doors?  Wait, let me talk this though for a minute. The front door and porch is would be the front of the house……… which you have to walk around too; soooooooooooo technically my doors go out the side of the house. Now, I am really re-thinking my choice of photo prompts.

Yup, I believe the month of April will have to be the outside of the house. Maybe a mix of inside outside depending on the prompt.

Oh and the blue tape? That just so we can paint the doors. Need to get the weather to heat up just a little first. Although it’s been in the low 60’s this week!! Hot diggity!! Although, warm weather, melting snow, dirt road….. yup MUD. LOTs and LOTS of mud!!

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