Best Friend Necklace From Olive Yew!

Wedding bells are a ringin’!

I’m not sure if I have officially announced it here on Peanut Butter and Whine but my oldest daughter Selena is getting married!!  Yup, coming up very soon too! As in June 28th. So you can imagine the amount of chaos around here. So many things that have to be done. The Bridesmaid gift is not one of the things we stressed about. This necklace is appropriately called the Best Friend Necklace. Your Bridesmaid is your best friend right!? RIGHT!! This necklace is beautiful, simple and dainty. I truly love everything about this necklace!!! From the presentation to the necklace itself.

The Best Friend Necklace arrives in a white gift box with silver embossing that reads olive yew! (how cute is that?!!)

Nestled inside along with some very pretty copper confetti is a heavy card stock card with olive yew! petite, simple jewelry inside the card is this beautiful necklace along with this sentiment.

My Best Friend
My handpicked family, my partner in crime
and my personal therapist. 
Thank you for the constant reminder 
in life that people don’t always suck. 
olive yew
The first time I read that I got all teary eyed. How cute is that!? How perfect for your best friend!!

The necklace is on a delicate chain with charms that are intertwined circles; just like best friends. The charms come in 14k rose gold, 14k gold-plated and sterling silver. The necklace comes as a standard 17″ chain. Special lengths are available. Chains also come in 14k rose gold, 14k gold-plated and sterling silver.

This friend necklace is a little sentimental with a funny twist. We know you and your friends have a wicked sense of humor, so we made a necklace as connected as the two of you. Two interlocking circles represent the bond you share.

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Special jewelry made by hand; that is beyond lovely. Delicate, simple and utterly perfect along with cards with a sense of humor; what more could I possibly ask for?! Whether you need a Graduation gift, Wedding gift or just because olive yew has something for everyone! Trust me I could go NUTS in this store!! Such beautiful items!



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  • Sandy Cain

    Super news! Very excited for you and Selena, you have to share a lot of pix! And, as we say in Chinese, Mazel Tov!

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