Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutter Review

I love scrap-booking, I love adding the cute embellishments and cut-outs. Then there is Alice; we do a lot of homeschooling activities that I try to make fun by cutting out shapes and such. But all of that is either expensive or time-consuming; so when I was offered the opportunity to review the Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutter well, first I jumped up and down squealing like a little girl. THEN my mind went a million miles an hour thinking of all the possibilities that I now had at my finger tips!

The Artistic Cutter is just that! ARTISTIC! Since I’ve never used a digital cutter before I’m on a wide learning curve. With that said within an hour I was cutting out airplanes, teddy bears and LETTERS! The Artistic SimpleCut Software has 3,500 built-in designs just to get me started!! I can even add my own designs to cut out!

I can’t wait for my window decal material to arrive! I will be making window decals!! I can even make FOAM CUT outs!! Yes, I am very giddy over this cutter.

I can’t stress this enough; follow the very detailed and extremely helpful set up guide. Once I got that through my thick skull everything was so much smoother and easier! DO NOT throw away this guide! There is extremely valuable information in there you will use often; like which blades work best for which material. Also which setting is best for which material. This set up guide is written for people like me! It’s EASY to follow, extremely well written and DETAILED!!

Janome has truly thought of everything from the updated software, TONS of graphics and even lesson plans on their website! Since I’m a visual learner I’m thrilled with the YouTube videos.

WIRELESS set up is easy (again; USE THE GUIDE!!) as long as you really read the set up guide. The Janome must be connected as its own network FIRST. Thankfully a quick Janome equivalent of ctrl*alt*delete and you can restart.

The cutter arrives very well packaged inside the box and inside the machine itself.

When I took the cutter from the box I admit my first thought was “WHAT DID I get MYSELF into this time!?!?” But, I promise you, if I can do this YOU can do this!! This is a machine that I will never outgrow! I can do SO MUCH!! The cuts are fast and CLEAN!! These cuts look professional! I’m in AWE!! I can cut the most detailed and fine designs in seconds! I can’t believe how fast and how easy this machine works!!

The Janome Artistic Edge Digital Cutter comes with 2 cutting mats. Both mats are 15″ by 15″ Low Tack Cutting and a High Tack Cutting Mat. I use the High Tack for heavy materials and such. The Low Tack mat I have been using it for craft paper, construction paper and most of the letters I’ve been making for Alice to do her schoolwork with. Also included are 3 blades; Industrial strength cutting blades at that. The blades have color coded caps for fine, medium and thick. No second-guessing which blade to use! Also, Fine Tuning Blade Holder, 2 Hexagon Wrenches, 1 Pen Holder,  2 Pens, USB Cord.  Truly everything is in the box except the material you want to cut.

I will be purchasing the tool to remove my projects from the mat. ESPECIALLY the detailed and intricate designs. I believe the tool is a must have!

I’m getting better and BETTER!!



Are you kidding?! Did you read the part where I have 3500 designs pre-installed? I’m still thinking of all the possibilities! I can’t wait to make window clings and more homeschooling cut outs! I’ve never used an electronic or digital cutter before so if you have more questions about this cutter be sure to ask. I’m thrilled with this cutter.


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