Shoplet For Home Schooling! Work AND Play!

We are on Day 3 of Summer Vacation. So far so good!!

Today I broke out my haul from Shoplet! 6-year-old Alice is definitely my Granddaughter. Her little face lit UP when I pulled out markers!! We do love our markers and pens!!Shoplet Dry erase markers and highlighters.

Of course new white board markers means we have to play school. I am NEVER the teacher. Oh well, at least it’s a learning activity right?

So? What’s new with Shoplet? How about Expo Dry Erase Markers Expo Dry Erase Markers  
with built in erases in the cap!! How convenient is that!?

Not just eraser in the cap but each marker has a magnet on the side for even more convenience.

The set comes with four colors. Green, red, blue and black. Everything a budding new teacher needs for her classroom!

Next up; Expo Dual Ended Dry Erase Markers. These are very handy for white board writing. Two colors in one! Sweet. Expo Dual color white board markersEach color has one side that is black and the other is either red, blue, green or purple. Alice of course, loves the purple!

Each color is vibrant enough to be seen from far away. Erases easily. Each of the Expo white board markers is low odor too. Expo markersNext up is the Sharpie Clear View Highlighters. Okay, I’ve never been a big fan of markers because they smear everything because, well, I have no patience. I want to write, highlight and go. Like RIGHT now. These new highlighters are awesome. I wrote in my day planner with my Paper Mate Inkjoy Gel Pen then I immediately highlighted. WOW! Impressive results for both products. The highlighters didn’t smear the Gel Pens dried immediately. Inkjoy pens actually dry 3 times faster than normal gel pens. I even went over the area a few times TRYING to make the wording smear. NOPE. Great job SHARPIE!! AND Paper-Mate!  BTW I’m NOT sharing my Inkjoy Gel Pens with the kid. These smooth writing gems are mine!! These sport crisp sharp lines. Smooth writing. I want more of these pens! I want them in all the colors!

I’ve said it a million times! Shoplet proves over and over that they are the best place on the Internet for your home office, blogging business, school room or boardroom. Shoplet has everything from art supplies to office supplies. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for Shoplet has it!!

Always start at Shoplet for your ♥ Office Supplies ♥ Cleaning Supplies ♥ Medical Supplies ♥ Office Furniture  ♥  you won’t be sorry!!

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Not a single whine here! ADDED bonus? Alice worked on the whiteboard quietly while I wrote this post. It was heaven!! Quiet time is over; the teacher is calling apparently I have school work to do; so talk to you tomorrow.
Shoplet dry erase markers



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