How to Be an Effortlessly Chic Mom!

If you ever browse magazines or celebrity websites, you likely see lots of pictures of your favorite celebrity moms looking amazing when they’re out about with their kids. They might just be heading to Whole Foods or Target, but they look great. At the same time, they might be wearing what seems like a relatively simple outfit and minimal makeup, but they just look so darn chic.

This might be in stark contrast to what you feel like you look like when you head out to run errands with your kids.

While you want to look great, it’s doubtful you have hours to make it happen, so it’s good to learn some eternal beauty and style tips to make sure you always look chic, with minimal effort.

Master 2nd Day Hair

Getting great 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) day hair, is important when it comes to looking chic, without spending a lot of time. You can start by using dry shampoo, but take a page out of the men’s hair care book. A lot of guys will take a shower at night, then sleep on their freshly washed hair, and quickly style it with a texturizing product to give it that tousled look the next morning.

You can do the same, except you might want to put your hair in a braid before heading to bed while it’s still wet. Then wake up, unbraid and create desirable beachy waves with a product that will give just the slightest hold and a lot of texture.

Reese WitherspoonInvest in Good Clothing

If you want to be a chic mom, stop buying so many cheap clothing items. Focus on quality instead of quantity. Chic moms have some staples like the perfect pair jeans, white jeans, a great white blouse and the ideal pair of flats waiting for them in their closet, so they always have go-to’s when it’s time to get dressed.

You can build a quality wardrobe over time, rather than going out and buying a lot of cheap items all at once.

Keep It Simple

A lot of the chicest style icons have one thing in common: they keep it simple. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to look great as a mom, nor do you have to sacrifice comfort. In fact, if you try to go too crazy with the trends, you often end up looking anything but stylish.

Just think about having stylish basics, and an enduring, classic style and you’ll always look like a put-together mom.

Finally, go light on the makeup. First, you might not have a lot of time to dedicate to makeup in the morning, so cutting some of this out of your routine can be logistically helpful. Also, too much makeup isn’t necessarily a good look.

Effortlessly chic women tend to go with clean, minimal makeup like a tinted moisturizer, mascara and a stain that can be used on your lips and cheeks. You won’t have a lot of upkeep, but you’ll look fresh and pretty.


  • michele

    My aunt gave me great advice when I was growing up.. she told me to always buy good and keep it classic.. I have always listened to her….

  • Kate Sarsfield

    Getting Mum ready for early morning appointments takes time so I’ve mastered the art of 3 minute showers, always having everything ready the night before so I can just glug down a glass of oj while I’m finger-drying my air & then brush my teeth in the car!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I don’t know that I’ll ever be effortlessly chic, lol, but it sounds like good advice. (I’m not chic even with effort!)

  • CJ

    My mom always had a chic look and never overdid it with makeup, I remember kids in school aways complimented my mom on how she looked.

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