Dream House Glamping Tent Review!!

This is the Four Seasons of luxury tents! WOW!! I am blown away by our new tent!! Meet the Dream House Outdoor Luxury Bell Tent.


Again, WOW! This tent is amazing!! First, my son had this tent up in less than 15 minutes. DONE. UP and usable in 15 minutes. With never having put up a tent like this before. EVER!! Added bonus, you truly could set this up all by yourself. Which, basically, with my help WAS like putting up alone! I received a lot of comments like “Mom, stop!” I may of heard a few “MOTHER”‘s too.

The heavy duty canvas is amazing! The color is awesome. The canvas is nice and thick as in heavy-duty waterproof 3000mm cotton canvas. I do want to note that the canvas may leak the first time you use it; once the canvas shrinks down after that initial rain it will be rainproof. This is normal for this type of canvas!!

Each of the heavy duty steel pieces have real springs inside so that there is no guess work as to which pipe belongs to which end. That alone is amazing to me. I’m still giddy over how easy this tent was to put up. The center has a large heavy duty pipe in the center that raises the tent in the middle to 8’2″ tall. Yup, you read that correctly over eight feet TALL in the center. The Husband and The Son both are able to walk around without hunching over. (I want to scream over and over……… I LOVE this TENT!!)

After the center pipe is in place we put in the tent spikes; after they were all in place we went back and pulled a couple of them taunt.

The directions along with the photographs are easy to follow.

Once all the tent spikes are in you can go back around and pull the tent even more taunt with the use of MORE spikes.

The tent in the center is 8’2”. WOW! The doorway itself sports a 5′ tall by 6′ wide opening. The door has a zippered mosquito screen and a zippered canvas door closure. The screen is heavy duty. The zippers are heavy duty thick plastic and each zipper has a nice LARGE pull. Which is perfect because there is no fishing around for the zipper pull. There are four windows. Each window is 1′ by 2’ and screened. The door and the windows also have loops and closures so that the flaps tie up and out of the way.

There is a stove pipe window with no mosquito screen; it is 1′ off the ground with a 6″ diameter hole. The stove pipe hole does not have a screen on it but it does seal shut with heavy duty Velcro on 3 sides.


You have the ability to unzip the bottom 20″ of this huge 8 person tent to raise the sides!! Basically providing yourself with a huge umbrella! Family get togethers at our house and at the beach are going TO ROCK!!! (Screaming again. I LOVE THIS TENT!!)

The tent is attached to the heavy duty zippered groundsheet which is attached to the tent with a zipper. The groundsheet is made out of PVC so you will not be sleeping on the wet or damp ground.

Inside is so roomy and large that you could easily fit 2 queen-sized air-mattresses. I feel like I could easily fit my entire livingroom inside this tent!


This entire huge, tent packs down to a matching canvas bag!! The bag includes two additional canvas bags. One bag that holds the tent pegs and one bag that holds the center metal pipe and door pipes. There is even a clear plastic window on the outside of this bag that will hold the instructions. (The ones that my son SWEARS he will never need again. How funny would it be if I switched out the instructions with my picture and a caption that reads; “WHAT?! Thought you would never need instructions again!?”
imageThe entire Dream House tent is double stitched all the way around and even reinforced in the key areas. The zippers are heavy duty. This is a tent that will be handed down in our family.

Guy ropes and tent pegs: 4m (13.1ft) bell tent comes with 12 ropes and 24 pegs, while 5m (16.4ft) bell tent comes with 14 ropes and 28 pegs.


HELLO!??! Did you SEE the tent?? Did you SEE The Husband and The Son standing inside the tent?! 15 minutes and the tent is UP and usable! Less time to take it down and put it in the carry sack!! As a matter of fact did you SEE the carry bag!? What could I possibly whine about?! THIS is the way to CAMP!!! In case you didn’t know ……… I LOVE THIS TENT!!!



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