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Christmas Pick LogoI grew up in Colorado. In 1982 I moved to Sunny warm California. I have spent years mocking my family that still lives in Colorado. HA HA! You got snow! I’m a the beach! OR You’re wearing down jacket and freezing I’m wearing shorts and flip-flops and sweating. I swear to you if you had told me in 1982 and since that I would be even contemplating living in the snow again I’d of said you were insane. The idea of somewhere that gets more snow than Colorado?! NO WAY!! Yet, Idaho bound I am. Since we are still 6 months from the move I am still in total denial. I STILL want to tell you that you are insane! I’m never moving back to the snow.
Idaho snowWhile packing and whining I am shopping for items that will make living in the snow easier (I hope!) I found this jacket from Pure Source. It’s a mid-thigh length jacket 40″ long from the top of the collar to the bottom of the jacket. The jacket is soft to the touch, it feels like a type of microfiber material. The simple design looks great. All the seams and details are well stitched. The detachable hood and the front of the jacket both have a super strong zipper. The jacket not only closes with a zipper but all so with strong snaps. On its own it’s a nice thick warm jacket.


HERE’s The BONUS!! The jacket has a battery pack that allows you to turn on the jacket, like you would an electric blanket. The jacket will stay toasty warm for hours. Full power LED light is red and it will stay very warm about 55° for 240 minutes or about 4 hours.  When you are wrapped up in 55° is WARM too warm for me!!  2nd level is 75% output about 50°and will last for 360 minutes or about 6 hours. 3rd level is 50% output and about 45°The battery will last for 540 minutes or about 9 hours. The jacket heats up on the front chest area and the back. The heat feels great, like a nice warm hug!!!!



The jacket looks great, heats up fast and truly warms you to the bones! My only whine would be the size. It’s really not the jackets fault more my love of wine and Peanut Butter M&M’s. I ordered the large. I truly wish there were larger sizes available because I resemble a stuffed sausage in this jacket. Ohhh not enough to send it back mind you, but there will be no layering with this jacket. Besides who is going to see me?? I live on a mountain. In Idaho. Where it snows. In a dense forest of trees. Snow. Me. Idaho. Seriously, who knew?!?


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