Moving Is STRESSFUL!!!

Moving on short notice is the worst. When The Husband and I were first married it seemed we were always moving. It was always “be out in a week”. Still gives me all over body shudders. THEN we bought our first home. Settled in for a nice long 35 years. Now Sunny California that I love and adore has gotten so expensive that we can’t afford to live here any longer.  Retirement is AWESOME. Fixed income? Yeah, NOT so much!

As some of you know we found our Dream Home in Sandpoint Idaho. Yup, leaving sun, sand and surf for snow and cold. Apparently I have lost every last one of my marbles. But, then I see the view that I will enjoy every single day and I think maybe a marble or two survived.

These are pictures of taken from the balcony of my new dining-room and from upstairs in the Master Bedroom.  See??  A marble or two did survive.

The Husband is in the new house right now, painting and replacing the doors and a few other handyman things. I have to admit the thought of some good quality alone time sounded amazing to me. However, I’m not even a week in and I’m bored. I’ve also I noticed several things in his absence. I am as messy as he is. (Seriously all this time I thought it was all him!) I’m positive he is the loudest between the two of us because it’s DEAD quiet around here. THE Most important thing. Cooking for one is BORING!  So, while I’m cleaning, de-cluttering, sorting and packing things that I know I won’t use until next year. I’m running around like a crazy person the next thing I know my tummy is growling and I am starving. While I contemplate eating a full size jumbo bag of Peanut Butter M&M’s The Husband says “EAT REAL FOOD!” Call and have meals delivered to your door; which really does sounds amazing right now.  Of course if the delivery person could be talked into helping clean and pack that would be amazing too!!

To add insult to injury The Husband got to watch a baby deer play in the yard almost on the back porch. Me? Oh I had a car parked directly in front of the house with a car alarm going off every 5 minutes. ALL. DAY. LONG!! Maybe I have a LOT more marbles than I thought.

Any moving advice from my favorite Peanut Gallery? Thinking about your last move, what would you have done differently?


  • Tamra Phelps

    Yep, organization is key. Don’t be like me & slack off on labeling boxes & keeping boxes organized, lol. You’ll regret that later.

  • michele

    Trust me you will be fine…. Keep all your boxes organized.. labeled and in sections of the house…. everything will work out.. and sometimes things go in a different way than you planned but in the end you will smile….

  • Tamra Phelps

    Make sure you COMPLETELY LABEL each box with everything that’s in the box & exactly where you want it in the new house! I cut corners in our last move & started writing ‘etc.’ on a lot of boxes, lol. If you move any boxes on your own make sure they’re firmly in the back of the truck–last time a huge box of almost all of our sheets and towels just never made it. I still picture someone opening that box and wondering why someone threw out a big box of perfectly good sheets & towels. Also, pack a box (for your car) with stuff you absolutely need that first night. After all, even if nothing goes wrong with the movers you’ll still be exhausted & might not want to start unpacking everything.

  • Nancy C

    Hi Connie! Congratulations on your new home! My advice is to PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!!! You really don’t need half of what you think you need. I wish I wouldn’t have brought so much junk with me when we moved 4 years ago. Also, if you have any neighbors near by, get on their good side early by bringing THEM something. Just some thoughts. I hope you enjoy your home and looking forward to seeing more pictures as you settle in!

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