Heck That’s Hot Subscription Box!

Are you a spicy food junkie like I am? I love things that are hot and spicy as long as they have a lot of flavor to them. I’m a pretty tough ole’ broad I can eat really hot stuff too….. at least I use to think that I could take some really spicy food.

Heck That’s Hot proved that statement to be wrong. Very WRONG!!

Starting with the popcorn, I love popcorn. I could eat my weight in popcorn. I mean really; how hot could a bag of popcorn be?

Ass Kickin’ HOLY MOLY!! Hell’s YEAH that’s hot!! Kick Yo’ Ass HOT is RIGHT!! HOLY MOLY!! I ate maybe a half a cup and cried Uncle. That is some hot Ass Kickin’ Habanero popcorn!




Next up is the Ghost Pepper & Blueberry. When DH and I pulled this from the box we both made a face and went “Blueberry?” really??  Let me tell you what this is a great hot sauce!! This is packed with flavor!! AND very little ingredients!  Blueberry, Raspberry, Vinegar, Ghost Pepper, Salt, Pepper. That’s all! That’s the ingredient list!!  The Bravado Spice Co. has a winner here!! Ghost Pepper base with delicious flavor with a fruit base. This is great on chicken. We’ve even used it in a loaded baked potato. So good!! Even great in guacamole!

STRONG & KIND Roasted Jalapeno 

When you see the word jalapeno, do you start to sweat a little? Sweat like you’re waiting in line for the world’s fastest roller coaster? You know, a little nervous, a little excited? Packed with all-natural roasted jalapeno, this bar is that kind of hot.

If you have ever had a Kind Bar you know how good they are. You know those folks never skim on anything. They didn’t skimp on the jalapeno here either. These bars aren’t too sweet, the heat is bold but not overwhelming. Almonds, pumpkin, honey, pea crisps, jalapeno chili, onion powder, garlic powder, smoked sea salt and sunflower lecithin. The nuts and seeds are whole. This is a bar with KICK!!

AssKickin’ Jalapeno Cheddar Peanuts Great peanuts! The cheddar and jalapeno really play well off of each other. YUM!!!

Captain’s Wafers Jalapeno Cheddar Crackers This one sneaks up on you. You take a bite or two thinking it’s just a mild little cracker. Then bam the jalapeno hits! Did I really say that I thought I could stand a lot of spice and heat?? What was I thinking?! 

Goldfish Crackers from Pepperidge Farms The same addicting Goldfish crackers we all love only these have a kick!! Hot n Spicy Cheddar. Everything I love about Goldfish and soooooooo much more!! 

The Better Chip in Jalapeno Flavor  

YUM!!! Great flavorful chips made with real jalapeno pieces!! You can see actual pieces! These are some tasty, crunchy and HOT chips!!

Julia’s Sassy Dip Mix in Chipotle Seasoning

Not only is this a dip but you can use it for the spices. Delicious and little on the sweet side. Easy to make. This will be a great addition to our snacks at the next family get together.

Lindt Chocolate Squares in Chili Flavor

Chocolate. Chocolate is always good!! Lindt dark chocolate with chili extract. Velvety dark chocolate very smooth, with a kick. So good!!

IMG_1694Desert Pepper Trading Company  As soon as you open the jar you are hit with the full flavor! YUM!! This is the best salsa I’ve tasted in a very long time!! Add this to scrambled eggs. Deeelicious!! Add to rice for Spanish rice YUM!!! Or with chips. This salsa is very thick and rich. The green chilis, jalapenos, chipotles, onions, garlic, roasted tomatoes blend together to make this one awesome salsa.

El Pinto Green Chile Sauce  Voted # 1 Worlds Best Tasting Chile for a reason. Spicy, chunky and packs in the heat.

Check out this monthly subscription box called Heck That’s Hot. It’s all things HOT and Spicy!

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Be sure to follow their FB page! They run contests for free boxes, gift cards and more!! There is one running right now for $100 in Gift Cards AND a Mega Box from Heck That’s Hot!!


Other than my tongue being on fire NOT a one! I had no idea that most of these products even existed!!! This is one HOT and SPICY box of goodies!! I love that the boxes are always different. Portions are big enough to share! AND the box was packed full of goodies!!
Heck That’s Hot offers two sizes – a $20 box and a $30 box.  Definitely worth every penny!!


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  • Rosie

    This sounds like the perfect gift for someone who likes it spicy and/or hot! I wouldn’t have a clue what to get someone like that, good to let an “expert” do the shopping for you!!!

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