Z.D Girls Tull Sequined Sleeveless Dress

OHMYGOSH Cuteness OVERLOAD!!! This is the Z.D. Girls Tull Sequined Sleeveless Dress. This dress is beautiful! 4-year-old Alice wanted the green dress because she could be Tiana; Princess and the Frog dress.  Don’t worry if green isn’t your color! There are tons of color options!! Alice wants one of each! I wish they made MY size!! I’d want one of each too!!


When the dress arrived I was blown away by the details! First, this dress is lined in a lightweight cotton. There are 5 layers for extra fullness. There is a half layer that is sewn to the cotton layer that is made of tulle. The top is jam-packed with sequins. The dress has a matching color zipper that goes down far enough for Alice to easily step into the dress. The silk ties at the waist are long enough to make a full bow. (I guess the NaNa should learn to make a better bow!)

I ordered a size 5, I probably should have gone up a size, but right now this dress fits like it was custom-made for Alice.

We wanted the dress for dress-up but if you have ANY celebration coming up you should consider this dress! It’s beautiful!! Well made and it fits like a dream. Perfect dress for a Flower Girl!

I don’t know that I would wash this dress in the washing machine as the tag suggests but I would use a dry cleaner. However, the tag reads it is machine washable or wash by hand.


Look at this dress, what is there to whine about?!! It is absolutely beautiful!! Alice has worn it for hours at a time and if it was itchy it would be off in a heartbeat. Alice truly loves the fullness and color of this dress. I love the quality and the femininity of this dress! It’s truly a dress fit for a PRINCESS!!



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