PINCHme Sample Unboxing!

I’m super excited about today’s review this is a subscription box from PINCHme! This isn’t like any other sample box out there. PINCHme sends samples of snacks, baby items, health items, home, beauty, hygiene… well, just about anything and everything!! So, you’re probably wondering what the catch is right?? Well, on Sample Tuesday you pick the samples you want and after you’ve used the samples just give your feedback about the samples you received to the company! How awesome is that?!

You’ll have to bear with me; this is the first time I’ve tried to do an unboxing video, so if the screen goes blurry well…. you need glasses?? OK, okay I need glasses!! And maybe to remember where the camera is set up would be good too??

The following is an Exclusive PINCHme Blogger Box. The box includes 10+ premium samples from the past, present and future on (Am I a lucky girl or WHAT?!)

I personally love samples! Getting to try items before I commit to the full size product just makes me happy! Not having to scouring the Internet to find those samples makes me giddy. Beauty and hygiene samples are my all time favorite for vacations and camping!! Packing samples verses full size products means there is room in suitcase for all those souvenirs!

Be sure to check the PINCHme site, click on their blog button for chances to win everything from SkinnyPop Popcorn to an exclusive box packed with samples!!

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Nope! Not a single whine from me! I can use every single item in my box!!

Getting samples couldn’t be easier on PINCHme; the sign up is super quick. Answer a few questions and in under 5 minutes you are signed up. Confirm your email and choose your samples! DONE! You are on your way to tryin’ before yer buyin’! Sweet!!




    Well, there’s certainly something for everyone including the dog! Looking forward to your next unboxing vid!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I’ve been doing PINCHme for a few years & I love getting free samples, but too often lately I get that message; “There are no samples for you this month. Your profile doesn’t match the requirements of our brand sponsors.” That ticks me off. I know they can’t control the requirements of the brands, but it’s aggravating.

  • Ann

    Ooh, I’m glad to have caught this post! I’ve been hearing about PINCHme for a while now, but I’ve kind of mentally cast it aside. There are just SO many promotional things out there– everywhere! (Click here for a free trial! Get free samples and coupons in your mailbox! You’ve qualified to receive these special offers! Click here to learn how to get products for FREE, just for leaving feedback! Earn money and gift cards by taking surveys! and so on.) …Um, anyway… :p This DOES look like a really cool program, and like I said I’m happy to have found your review. I think I’ll go check it out!

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