Reusable Lunch Boxes! Fully Contained! With Utensils!

I’m a working mom with two kids who loves packing lunches for all of us. The problem with the old ziplock in the lunchbox technique is that the sandwiches always get smushed, organizing the space to make other containers and Tupperware fit is nearly impossible, and if you are using ziplocks…it’s so wasteful! I always feel guilty about adding so much trash to the landfills.

That’s why I was so happy to find these reusable lunch boxes by Life Story!

There are four (4) in a set, two with green lids, two with blue lids. And the plastic-ware snaps right into the lids! Yes! That’s awesome!

Inside there are three (3) sizable, divided compartments. Perfect for packing all your lunch and snackables. But perfectly sized to fit inside an insulated lunch bag.

Check out my lunch for tomorrow. Salad, chipotle chicken meatballs and orange slices. Yum.

The best part of these lunch packs is…the compartments are air tight once the lid is on. Guaranteeing that everything stays in its place, and nothing leaks into the adjacent compartment.

All of the juice from my juicy Orange is staying right where it belongs…and it’s not getting on my meat balls or my salad. That’s important! It means yogurt, cottage cheese, and all the other juicy, runny things we love to eat will be able to make the journey through the day safely, and still be in perfect condition come lunch time.

Dishwasher safe. Kid and grownup friendly.

I LOVE these lunch boxes!

My only gripe is that while trying to separate them from each other, one cracked.


But I’m sure that was my own fault. The plastic does seem hard and durable. I think you just have to be careful not to bend it too much.

Other than that, I highly recommend these for people who love to pack their own lunches!




  • Ann

    These look great! But I don’t think you should blame yourself entirely for the one cracking. These probably went through so much product and consumer testing before being released and put on the shelves… In my opinion, the manufacturer should have (and maybe did) tested for all kinds of weird scenarios. For example: If a person accidentally leaves it on top of the car and then drives off, thereby causing the lunch box to go flying, will it break or crack? …That kind of thing. 🙂

  • Tamra Phelps

    I do like that it does a really good job of keeping the ‘runny’ foods in their compartment. Not all things like this are good at that!

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