Aretha Leather Handbag

I am thoroughly and completely addicted to handbags. I want them ALL! This Aretha Bag is actually smaller than I normally gravitate toward, however it easily fits my iPad, wallet, planner and a ton of other miscellaneous items. AND still zips shut!

This bag is a beautiful deep brown leather, with an off white accent stitching all around the bag; along with gold hardware and a Aretha name plate. This is a double handled bag. There is a zippered pocket on the front of the bag which is deep; the pocket goes to the bottom of the bag. I find this pocket is perfect for my car keys!

Inside this leather handbag there are 2 side pockets on one side, perfect for my little camera and my phone.

The opposite side of the bag has a nice deep zippered pocket which is perfect for my lip gloss, Kleenex, wipes and such. There is a sectioned off area (made with the cloth that lines the bag) under the zipper I keep papers and such there. A second deep zippered pocket follows, which is perfect for my never-ending supply of pens (and more).

Inside the bag is completely lined in a nice deep brown cotton. No rips, tears or loose seams anywhere. The zippers are heavy duty and each one has a nice leather zipper pull.

More To Love

All the gold accents arrive protected with heavy plastic so the bag arrives in excellent condition. Also included with the Aretha bag is a light dust bag.


Not a single one, I love everything about this leather purse!! I loveeeee the scent of leather! This This bag is supple and soft put holds its shape wonderfully. The pebbled grain, gold accents and top stitching just makes this bag a joy to carry.



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