3 Bad Habits That Pet Owners Need To Stop Right Now!

Owning a pet can be such a joyful thing, but it is also fraught with responsibility too. It is critical that pet owners don’t ignore this because the comfort and wellness of living create is at stake. So with that in mind, here are the top 6 pet owners do that they need to stop right now to ensure their pets are the happiest and healthiest pets around.

Feeding Them Scraps From The Table

Sometimes you need a will of iron to ignore the whines and pleads of a pet that knows you are eating something delicious without them. You hear stories of dogs that can tell the difference between the opening of a packet of noodles and a packet of crisps. Ir maybe they can just smell the one they’d rather eat. But, while feeding our fur babies bits of human food can seem like a kindness this isn’t always the case.

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In fact giving its scrap from our own plates can cause more harm than good. Kittie loves to eat fish, but did you check that the piece you gave her doesn’t contain any tiny bones? Fido adores eating the leftovers from your vegetable pasta, but you forget it had onions in it which are really bad for him. It’s not worth the risk! Pet food is specially produced for a reason, and the sooner pet owners realize that, the better for the health of their pets.

Forget To Help Keep Them Clean and Tidy

Something else that pet owners need to stop doing right way is ignoring their pets needs to be bathed and cared for. Yes, most pets are able to wash themselves to some degree. But they will also need additional help in keeping their fur, coat, feathers or scales in the best condition.

Of course, the precise help that they will need will depend on the type of pet you have. Dogs will need the occasional bath and accessories like a good dog brush to keep their coats glistening.

Cats can often manage with a thorough and regular combing. Long haired breeds can especially benefit from this as it stops them swallowing so much fur. Which in turn minimized furballs.


Other species such as snakes and birds can need much more specific hygiene practices. You can learn more about this here.

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Ignoring Their Vet Visits

It can be pretty easy to ignore those visit to the vets. They use up time and money, and when your fur baby seems in good healthy, they can seem a bit unnecessary. But are they really? No, they are no. In fact, they are just as essential for finding early symptoms of curable diseases that our own health check-ups are.

Taking your pet to the vets can help you keep an eye on their weight, fitness and any species or breed specific problems that you might not even be aware of. That is why owners need to make sure that they always keep up with their regular checkups, despite the cost and hassle.


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