Alphabet Refridgator Magnets #ALPHABETMAGNETS

I have a great set of Refrigerator Alphabet Magnets 62 pieces, letters and numbers to tell you about today. This set is so much for kids! Put them on the fridge, the dishwasher anywhere with a metal surface, even a cookie sheet!!  Letters and numbers are great for teaching kids to spell or read. They are also great for arguing with a 4 year old!
I was so excited to give Alice this set of letters. I was thinking of all the great words I could teach her. Alice and I put together some of her sight words and a few new words.  After a while Alice put together a long string of letters; then the conversation went like this:
“NaNa what does this say?”
I answered ‘Nothing, that isn’t a word’
“But, NaNa what does it say?”
‘NOTHING; Alice it doesn’t say anything’
Now in a real loud voice “NaNa read IT!”
‘Alice it isn’t a real word’
“But NaNa sound it out”
‘Seriouimage2 (1)sly kid, THAT DOESN’T SAY ANYTHING!!’
Back and forth until I finally call uncle and sounded out the impossibly long, vowel-less word. Which was a whole lot of gibberish.

Alice literally rolled around on the floor laughing hysterically then turned to me and said “I told you it was a word!”

Sneaky little munchkin!!

For the record it was NOT a real word!!

The SomaSix refrigerator alphabet is a full set of uppercase and lowercase letters plus numbers 0-9.
The letters and numbers are 1¾”, bright and colorful.  There is a strong magnet embedded on the back each letter and number.

The letters are hard plastic.

The letters are water proof.

This is a fun set! The perfect size for little hands. We use these for our home schooling and Alice uses these for driving the NaNa crazy!


No whines here, it’s a great set of letters. Okay, one whine. It WASN’T A WORD!!


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