The Daring Prince Dashing Review


ZING-BONG! That phrase cracks 4-year-old Alice UP!! It’s become our catch phrase eve. ZING-BONG!!

This is a cute book about The Daring Prince Dashing. How daring is the Prince? Well, for starters he bathes in a crocodile-infested moat, he eats while dangling upside down from the tallest trees, and he toasts his s’mores by dragon’s breath.

PrinceOn the night of the Royal Ice Cream Social, the Prince hears a loud ZING-BOING. In walks a girl with a stick over her shoulder. The Prince immediately wants to know what that stick is! But, the girl is already bounding across the room to eat her sundae on the tightrope. As the Royal Ice Cream Social continues The Prince realizes he has met his match.

At the stroke of bedtime, the girl rushes off without her stick! Prince Dashing announces that he must find his new friend and will search high and low, but being as daring as he is he feels he must do this blindfolded. (Yes, the towns folk shake their heads, the King groans and the Queen chokes on her bacon!)

The story continues with a blindfolded Prince galloping off through the villages in search of the ‘stick girl’. The Prince knows that only the ‘stick girl’ will be able to make the perfect “ZING-BOING” noise.

Prince Dashing will stop at nothing to find a new friend!


This is a super cute book with a funny twist of the Cinderella story. The story line is funny and hand the 4-year-old laughing out loud! The illustrations are cute. Alice and I give this book two thumbs WAY up!

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Publisher: Sky Pony Press
Author: Marilou Reeder
Illustrated: Karl West
Publication Date: 11-3-2015
Number of Pages: 32 Pages
Book Type: Hardcover
Size: 10” by 8″



  • Rosie

    What a creative story and it does look like the pictures are cute as you say – this is a good one to grab to have on hand or give as a gift!


    Zing Bang! is brilliant! My niece’s favourite phrase when she was that age was ‘dingly dell’, you know those little leafy wooded areas by a stream where fairies live! She’d steer any conversation around to dingly dells for months, then she discovered ‘dessicated’ as in dried & shrivelled anything: coconut, dead birds & mice, poo, snot, you name it!

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