Muffin Time!!

I don’t cook and I don’t bake, it’s not because I don’t know how it’s because I don’t enjoy it. That being said there must be something in the air today because I woke up this morning in a creative mood, Pinterest calling my name. My mission today is to sneak healthy ingredients into my kids’ meals. Usually the only thing calling my name on a Sunday morning is coffee and maybe a bra; I’ll let you speculate which of the two I listen too.

So while eating breakfast today Alice and I planned a week’s worth of breakfast and snacks, using a half-dozen very simple ingredients and recipes from that magical cloud kingdom called Pinterest.

After a tedious trip to the grocery where I skippered the most cumbersome and annoying cart ever created we finally got to work.
Grocery carts

We (and by that, I mean me with intermittent distractions from my hummingbird of a 6-year-old ) made yogurt & fruity pebble breakfast popsicles, yogurt fruit bites,  something called cloud jellies, smoothie prep and breakfast muffins with fresh fruit and fruity pebbles using Kodiak mix.

Most of the concoctions went straight into the freezer for 4 hours but the smell of baking muffins was just the validation I needed.

It’s hard to decide what prevents me from baking more, my innate laziness, the fact I despise lengthy cleanups or my annoyance that everything I bake is devoured in less time that it took to make it. My saving grace is that I use silicone tools – everything from freezing trays and spatulas to my muffin pan. I’m a big fan of my Anitiz BPA-free silicone muffin pan which I found on Amazon it’s amazing!!!
Anitiz Silicone muffin pan

Blueberry, strawberry and fruity pebble breakfast muffins.
Anitiz Silicone Muffin Pan

Easy to clean my Anitiz muffin pan heats evenly and pops out easily without non-stick spray which also means that cleanup is crazy quick because every single crumb comes out in a beautiful cup shape. The muffins are so smooth it’s almost a shame to eat them. I prefer my muffins to be toasty on top but my kid won’t go near a browned top.Muffin pan
Silicone muffin pan



Be lazy with me and buy this pan!! It’s worth your money!
Written by my daughter Selena. You know…. the whirlwind that is Alice…. her Mom.


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