4 Fun Ways to Spend Summer with Your Children!!

Summer is here and that means your home just got a little crazier.

While the summer months can be a trying time for many mothers, they are also a time to bond and have some fun with your children.

If you are searching for some exciting, simple, and creative things to do this summer. Here  are 4 perfect ideas for you.

Swim lessonSwimming Lessons
Children need to learn how to swim sooner or later, so why not this summer? If your kids are old enough to start swimming without floaties, this can be a fun activity for them as well as you. So grab your pool toys, pull out the kids and baby swimwear as well as your own, and give it a go!

While they’re under instruction of a qualified trainer, you get to enjoy the pool along with them. You will be right there with your children, helping to guide and make them feel less anxious, since the first time swimming can be a rather scary experience. If they really start to enjoy it, you could think about putting your own pool in your back garden. An inground pool may be more to your liking if you want a permanent fixture, or a large paddling pool if you don’t have much space for construction.

Be sure to grab one of these waterproof dive watches so that you can keep tabs on their sun exposure, too!

Build Forts

Every child loves having their own special fort, especially one they helped build themselves.

If a full-blown treehouse in your backyard is out of the picture, no sweat. You can simply grab some sheets, drape them over low-hanging limbs or clotheslines, and then hang out in the finished product. Have a picnic out there every now and then.

Forts don’t have to be restricted to the outdoors, either. Who doesn’t love an intricate maze-fort made up of sheets, pillows, and comforters?

Sell Lemonade

Some might say this activity is dead, but it’s never been more alive. A lemonade stand is the perfect way for you and your children to have fun while interacting with your neighbors.

Make a few batches of lemonade with them, then set up the stand on your front lawn. Don’t forget about a killer sign, too.

A lemonade stand is the perfect way to introduce your children to entrepreneurship at a young age – something that’s becoming more valued in today’s economy. Plus, it makes them feel good to earn money doing a hard day’s work.

Do Some Yard Work

Speaking of a hard day’s work, don’t be afraid to try doing some actual work with them.

This might seem like a cop-out and as though you’re helping yourself more than having fun with your kids, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.

Kids, especially toddlers of the right age, love being outside and helping you do things such as water the flowers. Have some kid-sized watering cans and rakes on hand, so that while you’re doing yard work, they can be right next to you doing the same.

Thinking back, how much did you love that toy lawn mower you had? If you’re anything like the rest of us, probably quite a bit (at least until you had to start doing it for real).

Wrapping Things Up

The summertime months provide the perfect opportunity for you to bond and play with your kids that the rest of the year just doesn’t offer. Instead of sticking to the same boring routine, switch things up and deliberately spend some more time with your children doing fun activities like those mentioned above.


  • Tamra Phelps

    Swimming lessons is definitely a great idea, & if they already can swim, how about a life-saving class so they know what to do in case someone is in trouble in the water. Lemonade stands are fun, too, & they could do it for charity,but make sure you don’t need a permit (isn’t it nuts that some communities require that??)

  • Sarah L

    That could be a picture of me and my mother swimming. She was a swimming teacher and taught me and my sister to swim almost before we could walk.

  • michele

    I so believe in swimming lessons.. summer should be a great fun time but you have to utilize the sunny days for swimming lessons.. nothing is more important later on in life than the comfortable feeling knowing your child can navigate an ocean or a river and lake safely.. I had them as a child and taught both my children to swim…..

  • Rosie

    These are nice options. We went swimming any day possible, at the local parks and a lake near the house. Swimming lessons are a good idea!

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