Heavy Duty Umbrella!! #CrownCoastUmbrellas

I promise it really does rain (occasionally) in Southern California. Honest it does, if the weather reports are correct the next few months are supposed to be filled with high winds and tons of rain. So I am thrilled with this WindHero Pro Travel Umbrella. This umbrella is rated for really high winds as in tough enough to endure 60 miles an hour gusts of wind!! Tested in a wind tunnel and certified for 6,000 canopy openings.

I’ve had umbrellas destroyed because a big gust of wind flipped the umbrella inside out. If a big gust of wind flips the Crown Coast Umbrellas around the frame simply bounces back, it’s so much stronger than an aluminum frame. The frame is treated with an anti-corrosion layer so that the stainless steel frame won’t rust.

The umbrella canopy opens to protect a very large area. The shape is concave so you really stay dry under this umbrella. This umbrella has a one touch open and close button. The open is very easy to push, so easy the 4-year-old can do it easily. Closing takes a little bit more strength than the kid has but it’s still easy. The 100% Polyester Canopy, A Non-Absorbent Synthetic Polymer That’s Water Repellent, Abrasion Resistant, Mold And Mildew Resistant.

I love the turquoise color! It will be so cheerful when it’s gloomy outside. The handle has a black sort of silicone feel to it. The handle is perfect for a good grip when it’s raining!

This umbrella is compact in size when it’s closed. It’s all of 10.9″ and even comes with a same color storage sleeve for when your umbrella isn’t in use.

This umbrella is guaranteed for LIFE!! If any problems arise your umbrella will be rplaced or your money refunded.


Not a single one! From the color to the concave shape, to the fact this umbrella will with stand 60 mile an hour winds; this umbrella is amazing!



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