Wall climber remote control car

Wall Climber Remote Control Car Review

Okay, we are talking SERIOUSLY COOL here!! This is called the Deluxe Wall Climber. It’s a remote control car that climbs up a wall or even the ceiling!! WHAAAA?????? I was so sceptical. Seriously? This little lightweight car is going to stick on my wall and move? Without falling off? Yeah…. right. Well, check it OUT!! IT DOES climb the walls. It DOES move around in circles, it lights up. This is SERIOUSLY COOL!!

The little car is extremely lightweight. Made of molded silver and black that even resembles the BatMobile! Not to mention my son’s favorite team the The Raiders. The Wall Climber Car also comes in blue and silver or red and silver.  

The box says “Metal Face” on it but that may just be the ‘name‘ of the car because I don’t find any metal on this car.

The car gets charged via the enclosed USB cord. Charging is fast.

The remote control handset does take 6 AA batteries which are not included. (OUCH!) Now, you can save some of the battery power by charging the car via a USB charging port on your computer or wall outlet which is what we do.

The instructions are well written and very easy to follow. There are illustrations next to each step so you can easily learn the controls of this little car. I’m serious, this is SO MUCH FUN to drive!! It’s jaw dropping to watch it climb up a wall.

The car itself is 6″ long and 3.5″ wide. The remote is 6″ wide and almost 6″ tall. The remote even reminds me of Batman.


Seriously, not a single whine! The Wall Climbing Remote Control Car doesn’t leave any marks on the wall or on the floor. The car is easy to maneuver. Super fun to watch and operate. This would make a GREAT Christmas gift!! Added bonus? It’s under $20!!!



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