Princess Rapunzel! (Well, The Dress Anyway!) Review

I swear five-year-old Alice is in Princess heaven again! Check out this amazing dress from Mini Kitty. The dress is labeled as Girls Sophia Princess Long Sleeve Dress but the dress itself has a small plastic brooch with Rapunzel’s picture. So, just a little confusing there.

The very first Halloween costume I can remember that I personally picked out was Casper the Ghost. With the plastic mask and the small piece of elastic that held it in place. The ‘ghost’ part slipped over my head and had a print out of a ghost. I remember ripping it before I was even done ‘trick or treating’ for the night. To say it was cheap was an understatement. This dress from Mini Kitty will last Alice until she doesn’t want to play dress up anymore. We will be able to hand this down to the next ‘Princess’ in the family.

The dress has some very special detailing that are jaw-dropping when you learn the dress sells for only $17.99!! Starting with the Princess sleeves (Alice’s favorite part!). The capped sleeves are embellished with white lace. Yes, real lace! Then a nylon mesh that goes well past Alice’s little arms and into a slight V shape. LIKE a Princess Dress SHOULD!!

The neck is also embellished with white lace. The satin bodice has a criss-cross design using the same nylon mesh and ending in a bow.

More white lace at the waist of the dress. The skirt is gathered and full. The outer skirt is so pretty with glittery sparkled swirls, dots curly q’s. I adore the fact that the glitter is on there very well and I’m not covered with glitter after my stint as the “wicked step mother” (BTW, why I gotta be the wicked one all the time?! Can’t I ever be the loving, supportive and kind Queen?!! E-V-E-R!?!?)

The princess dress is fully lined so there is nothing scratchy that touches the Princess.

Alice is 45.5″ tall and weighs 47.6 pounds. We ordered her a size 6-7 and it’s a perfect fit.


Not a single whine here. The dress is well made, no snags, rips or tears. No loose seams, no loose threads anywhere. Alice loves this dress, I love that his dress is under $20 with free shipping on Amazon. So SUPER CUTE!!!



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