Sunwell Saline Water Christmas Lights Review

dc96224d-3008-406e-89f0-807d5e83dbb6_zpsjirvarseThis is the COOLEST set of lights I’ve ever owned!! I am dumbfounded at how they can work without any batteries and without any plugs!!!  We couldn’t WAIT for these lights to arrive.

From start to finish this is the COOLEST set of lights!! First, they arrive wrapped like a Christmas gift, white box and bright red ribbon. What a very nice touch!!


The Sunwell Saline Water LED Lights work without any batteries, no solar panel, no electrical plug. Simple salt water. SO cool!!!!

This light is also water proof so it can be set outside in the rain or the snow! And all it will cost you is salt!!

So, first open up the lid which locks on 2 sides. The latch is very secure and the housing is water tight. Fill with water add a pouch of salt. There are several empty pouches included so you can measure out your salt to dump in. Once you have put your salt inside the housing snap the lid shut and mix the water and salt. We turned the housing over maybe a dozen times. It really doesn’t take much mixing. The salt dissolves very quickly.

Then the magic happens. The lights come on. The lights come on BRIGHT!!! AND stay ON!! One container of water and a little salt and these lights will stay on 24/7 for a MONTH!! A FULL MONTH!! No having to change the water, no having to add salt. Completely and totally maintenance free, colorful and bright lights. Lights that don’t get hot either!!!

Brilliant HOMESCHOOLING idea!

This would be an amazing Homeschooler project! Science project! Christmas gift! Kids are going to be as amazed as I am! Since it is wrapped so beautifully its immediately ready for under the tree.

To prolong the life of house and the magnesium anode rod that’s in the center of the housing its best to change out the salt water once a week. The instructions even give instructions on changing the magnesium rod; which will completely dissolve after time.

The on off light is a small black button on the housing. You can turn the light steady on or flashing mode. You will also want to open the small vent on the very top of the housing.


Are ya kidding? This is the coolest set of Christmas lights!! Lights that require no electricity, no solar panel, no batteries!! WOW!! I am excited that I can actually put lights in my front window and not worry about cords! This is truly a COOLEST set of lights!



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