Vantrue X1 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam Review

I have complained several times about Southern California’s freeways. Although the word freeway sounds very fast when actually they should be called parking lots. 8 lanes of parking lots. I know what you are thinking, then why don’t you move? Several reasons. First my Grandbabies are all right here within miles of my house. Second, I’m lazy. Third and truly the most honest response would be I have WAY TOO MUCH STUFF to even think about moving!! It makes my head hurt just thinking about it.

Now, if everyone drove as safe and cautiously as I do (MAN! I am one funny, funny girl!!) I wouldn’t need a dash cam. No one would! However, since the freeways here are dead stop to 60+ MPH a dash cam is an important tool for my car. Even if you don’t have the freeways that California has a dash cam is a must have! Especially if you have kids in the car! Because with kids you have distractions! From the “Non! Look at me!” to the “Non, I dropped my juice box” (why are they never sealed with they drop on the floor or the seat?! WHY!?) Then there is always the guy in front of you came to dead stop for absolutely no reason. Distractions are all around you. For all of those reasons and many more I’ve had a dash-cam for the last couple of years.

I’ve found a dash cam that tops all the others I’ve tried. This is the Vantrue X1 Car Dash Cam a full HD 1080P dash cam with a 170° wide angle 2.7″ LCD screen. All of that and a G-sensor, parking mode, HDR & super night vision as well. This dash cam is designed so well and in no way obstructs my view. Vantrue X1 is small, compact and clips to the most unique suction cup mount I’ve found for a dash cam.

Vantrue X1 Full HD 1080P Dash Cam Review

There is a mini-USB jack directly on the suction cup mount along with an additional mini-USB jack on the bottom of the camera along with an mini-HDMI output jack.

Dash Cam

Once you have the suction cup in the place you want, then rotate the fitting until it clicks. Absolutely solid suction. Even in the unusually hot weather (as in 102°!! In September?!) this suction cup did not budge. This camera is nestled behind my rear view mirror and fits perfectly. I drive a 2012 Honda CRV.
Dash cam
When you start the car the Vantrue starts up instantly. Set up is amazingly easy! I love that I can set the screen to constant on or off.   All of my recordings are stored in the micro-sd card that is not supplied. The Vantrue will take up to a 32gb card. You can set the date and time of the recordings and if you have GPS you can also have the coordinates stamped in the video.

The dash cam gives me great resolution, from recording 30 Frames Per Second at 1080 resolution.  DO NOT FORGET TO REMOVE the protective piece from the dash cam lens, or your video quality will not be as clear and crisp. (Yes, I know this by experience).

I love that the Vantrue Dash Cam records until the SD card is filled and then automatically replaces the oldest files and continues to record. This is truly a set it and forget it camera. Recordings are stored in MOV format which means I can plug-in my micro-SD card in my computer and watch without any other apps or downloads.

This is a clip of various times of day.
The G-sensor starts recording if the camera senses impact. So, it’s perfect if it’s a front end impact; not so much if it’s a rear impact (That’s the same for any dash cam) What’s really great is that those files are protected until I erase them.

The Vantrue X1 has a very long cord so you could actually follow the windshield around to hide the cord, personally I wrapped it around the rear view mirror, you can’t even see all the cord hidden there. I am impressed with the additional USB port at the end of that very long cord, where the cord plugs into the cigarette lighter; simply push aside the top for that additional port. I can use it for the GPS or my phone! It’s just a nice feature!

dash cam


I am thoroughly impressed with the Vantrue X1. From the easy to understand manual to the suction cup mount. The video quality is awesome. The LCD display is clear and easy to see. The camera is sleek looking in all black. Where the X1 sits on the windshield you really don’t notice the camera. The cam is subtle and doesn’t scream ‘break-in get a free dash cam!’

I love the fact that this camera remembers all of my settings. Turn off the car, the dash cam continues to record for another few seconds before shutting off. Start the car and the dash cam starts right up and begins recording. I’m very pleased!!



  • Darius

    this cam sucks big time !!!! Time resets, card gets full and videos not overwritten and even no signal about that. You have to constantly check if it still saving new videos.

  • Edmond

    OMG, jumping Jupiter . This prize would save my life financially & legally & headache from insurance company. Wow, prize camera is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. 🙂 Pick me, pick me!

  • Tamra Phelps

    I think we need one of these. According to the news there are people in a nearby city deliberately causing accidents to collect insurance. Geeze…

  • Daisy

    I have been thinking of getting a dash cam, but I am also concerned it would be a magnet for thieves. I like that this one is small, so it’s hardly noticeable. Great review!

  • Rosie

    hmm I never thought about getting one of these, but this one is tempting. I drive very cautiously, too, and am too afraid to drive as fast as 99% of the ppl around me, so I avoid highways so I don’t get road raged into an accident. Most accidents happen right near your home, this would be good! I had an accident where a banged up car crashed into me, and I had no way to prove he hit me not the other way around! My concern is we have so many car breakins, probably about 30 within one minute of where I live this year they’d smash the window to get it.


    The speed limit on the motorways in Ireland is 120 kilometres per hour (75 mph) but some people seem to regard this as a ‘guideline’ only & drive well in excess of the limit. Thankfully I don’t have to use these roads very often (although I really enjoy driving at speed!) and our local tailbacks are caused by tractors, cattle crossing or little old men on bicycles!

  • michele

    This is something I would never need but I am sharing it with some folks I know would be interested.. Thank you once again Connie….

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