The HeadRight! My fix for Forward Head Posture (FHP)

postureMananimationI have the weirdest looking pillow to show you today. Weird looking, but, absolutely BRILLIANT in design and it’s improving my spinal alignment while I sleep!!

I have really bad Forward Head Posture, although I didn’t realize it was a condition! Seriously, I thought that the ‘hump’ at the base of my skull was hereditary, my Grandmother had one as she aged. I thought I was just meant to have this ‘hump’ like thing on the back of my neck too. I had absolutely no idea that I could actually fix this!!  Better yet, I am actually taking steps with my new pillow! The HeadRight is so much more than a pillow.

First, I really do have bad posture, I have to remind myself to not slouch when I sit at the table. Then there is the computer! I sit on the couch with my laptop on my knees… yea…. that isn’t helping my FHP (Forward Head Posture) I text, a LOT, that doesn’t help, as a matter of fact, so many things I am doing, only make my FHP worse.

Did you know that FHP is a condition that can lead to significant risks to your health. Again, I had no idea!!

Experts say good posture and a properly aligned spine are vital for a properly functioning nervous system and good health. Current research shows that the key to an optimally aligned spine is getting and maintaining a balanced alignment between your head and spine. “…The brain, spinal cord and nervous system controls and coordinates ALL of the body’s functions.” (Grays Anatomy).

When properly aligned, the head and spine effectively protects this delicate nerve control system. When not properly aligned, the force of gravity increases spinal pressure and mechanical stress, compressing delicate nerves that control the heart, lungs, kidneys, muscles and ALL cells and systems of the body.

So, to make matters worse, the pillow that I was using was making matters worse. My pillow was VERY wrong for me!! When I look at the graphic below I see just how bad!!  Check out the way your neck looks on a high pillow!!

When ‘The HeadRight’ arrived, you should have seen my face, the HeadRight is really REALLY odd looking!! I truly wondered how in the WORLD will this pillow be comfortable?? Let alone help my neck!!  I read through the instructions first, I learned that not everyone can sleep through the night using ‘The HeadRight,’ right away.  Personally, I had no problem at all. I truly find that this is an extremely comfortable pillow to sleep on! I can’t imagine sleeping on a regular pillow ever again. I don’t understand how this pillow is SO COMFORTABLE!!  AND NO MATTER WHAT POSITION I SLEEP IN!  I am always comfortable!!! I am blown away by this pillow!!  I toss and turn a lot at night, I sleep on my side, my back, my side, my back…….but the HR is always comfortable!! AND here is my favorite part!! My ‘hump’ is significantly less in just 3 weeks!!  I wake up with NO neck pain!! (I wonder if The HeadRight people could make-over my mattress?!?!?)

“The HeadRight®’ has been called a ‘smart pillow’ because it seems to know how and where to place each of it’s 3 perfectly contoured surfaces in order to perfectly support both side and back sleeping positions.

‘The HeadRight®’ takes the place of popular orthopedic pillows, and can be used to help you:

  • Correct Forward Head Posture
  • Improve spinal alignment
  • Reduce damaging pressure and stress on the nervous system
  • Relieve tension
  • Improve spinal range of motion and flexibility
  • Prevent spinal injury as you sleep
  • Provide you with better and healthier sleep

‘The HeadRight’ was developed by a chiropractor with over 35 years of clinical experience in treating back pain, neck pain and spinal related disorders. ‘The HeadRight’ connects 3 specific orthopedic supports to provide an extraordinary sleeping “pillow-system” that helps correct, and totally prevents, FHP as you sleep. It’s customized contoured supports pivot as a unit to turn and to follow all rotating sleep positions: from back to side to stomach; while always maintaining and providing the ideal re-modeling influence to help correct and totally prevent Forward Head Posture while supporting and improving spinal alignment.

As a result, The HeadRight’ reduces neuro-spinal stress which helps you to relieve neck and back pain while providing you with a healthier, more comfortable therapeutic sleep.

Here is a link so you see How it works.

I am totally in love with The HeadRight!! ANYONE, no scratch that, EVERYONE needs to own The HeadRight!!  This is the greatest pillow-system EVER!!!!!!!! E-V-E-R!!!

What about you? Do you have FHP?

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


  • Sarah L

    My mother ALWAYS said: Stand up Straight! I teach an Arthritis Aqua class and I’m always telling them: Good Posture! I’m very aware of posture and for the most part keep good posture. Interesting pillow.

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