Super Wings Easter Basket Idea!! #SuperWingsNA

2017 Easter Basket Ideas
Alice and I received a box of Super Wings goodies just in time for Easter!! Parents and Grandparents of Sprout TV watchers know how absolutely adorable the Super Wings show is and the toys are as cute as can BE!!

You can watch Super Wings You Tube Channel and NBC Sprout, and on Amazon Prime!

Each of these Super Wings are designed for kids 3 and up. The colors are bright and happy! Seriously, the faces, colors and little details are just HAPPY!!
Starting with the largest of the Super Wings Transforming Characters we received Jett. Bright red Jett! He is a 5 inch tall fully articulated robot! He goes from a plane to a robot in 10 easy steps. Best part? All fueled by imagination only! As in NO batteries!
Next up are the Super Wings Vroom ‘n Zoom’s. We received Dizzy (pink and white) and Donnie (yellow and blue). These are PUSH to REV then let go and let ’em speed off. Again, no batteries required! I LOVE imagination powered toys! These are also designed for kids 3 and up.
Sprout TV's Super Wings CharactersLast and NOT least is the Super Wings Transform-a-Bots 4 pack. This might be my favorite! Due in a large part because of Paul he’s a police officer and since that is my daughters (Alice’s mom) occupation…… I’m very partial to cute little cops. I snagged Paul for my daughters desk at the PD. (Yes, insert a big ole grin here) Also in the 4 pack is Jett, Mira, and Grand Albert. Each of these characters transform to a robot and each in a slightly different way which is great for eye hand coordination. These are smaller in size and transform in only 3 steps. Nope, no batteries here either.
Super Wings Toys

Y’all know that Alice HAS to do a video! It’s her favorite part of reviewing…. okay besides playing with the new additions to her toy-box.


Not a single whine here. The pieces are all kids friendly. We pulled and tugged on each moveable part and nothing came off. The colors are bright and fun. Super Wings are great for little hands and big imaginations! AND NO BATTERIES!!! My pocketbook is extremely happy about that!!



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