ZAND Amsterdam Only The CUTEST Skirts ON The PLANET!!

Easter Pick for women and girls!You will hear me screaming with joy if you listen really closely even if you are in Colorado or Ireland! These skirts from ZAND Amsterdam are AMAZING!!! I want to jump up and down and run around in a circle! Much like a 5-year-old at Disneyland!

I’m trying to calm myself down enough to write! What is so special about a skirt you may ask? First, each ZAND Amsterdam skirt is reversible, which in-its-self is AWESOME! The second perk is the waist band is also reversible so right off the bat you have 4 skirts in one! HOW cool is THAT?! Adding the small pocket purse actually gives you another 2 looks so technically you have 6 skirts in ONE!! Not to mention each and every skirt is a ONE of a KIND!! How cool is THAT?!?!

Next and maybe the MOST important perk to me personally is that this skirt grows with ME! Or I should say shrinks with me! I finally got my butt back to Weight Watchers and I’m down 25 still another 30 to go but with the incredible snap system on the waistband this skirt will fit me from now till and AT my goal weight!! I am giddy!! G-I-D-D-Y I tell you!! GIDDY!!! (I can’t stop saying that!!! Giddy!!)

The snaps are what really make this skirt a brilliant design. There are 8 pair of snaps on the women’s skirts. The snaps are spaced slightly over 1½” apart the long way and stacked two deep (almost 1″ apart) on the 3″ waistband.
Adjustable skirts

The waistband is almost 53″ long.
ZAND Amsterdam

ZAND Amsterdam skirts come in 3 sizes; 2-10, 8-18, and 12-22. I picked the 8-18. Perfect right?? I shopped in the Isabelle skirt area. I wanted my skirt to come to my knees or below. Perfect! I can also adjust the skirt higher or lower just by where I snap on my skirt.
The waist band also has D loops that are perfectly spaced for the small purse and perfectly placed!!
The girls skirt fit from ages 4 to 9 years old. Alice is 5 and this skirt will easily fit her for years!!! The kids belts have a single row of snaps on a 1¾” band and 6 snaps. The snaps are 1½” apart. There are small cloth loops for her purse (which by the way is probably Alice’s favorite part. She has her purse full of treasures!! My purse holds my small wallet, phone and slim camera. (not to mention lip-gloss, keys, and, and, and…. well, trust me it holds A LOT of stuff!!

Confused about the size you need? Don’t worry you’ll be able to work with your personal shopper! Just go through the website to be hooked up with your shopper. I am telling you! These skirts are extremely well made. The material is quality. The zippers are heavy duty. The entire skirt is amazing!! On both five-year-old Alice’s skirt and my own! The colors are bright and fun! GIDDY!!! I truly am!!

Alice and I love these skirts!! We truly want one of every single color!!

Remember no mocking the very white legs…… it’s winter y’all. EVEN in California!


Oh my gosh, I can’t find a single thing that I don’t absolutely adore about these skirts!! Love the colors, the fabric, style, length. EVERY. SINGLE. THING!!



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